Dog “howling”

Not really a crime, but you never know.

This call just had me laughing. “227 Adams St., Apt 24. Dog howling. No answer from tenant”.

Hopefully the poor puppy just misses the owner and nothing else is wrong, such as:
– a dead owner
– 110 degree heat because the AC isn’t on. That would be atrocious.

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I have a cat. Actually I have two. And their pee smells… but at least they don’t bark! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!


who has a cat?
anyway let’s all move on………..(myself included)


Cat pee smells.

kooky kat

You need to own a mute dog then Lady, because some dogs just bark – simple as that, for no reason. Sometimes mine will bark at me if I look at him wrong. You should just get more cats, lots of cats.

And I am fairly certain that the woman next door is NOT murdering her child, or even doing anything remotely wrong to him.


You sound like someone who would find something to complain about if you had the day off and the temperature were 78 degrees fahrenheit and the sky was blue.