Another good Haiti donation option


Partners in Health helping earthquake victims as we speak

Stand With HaitiNaturally, the efforts continue in earthquake ravaged Haiti, and I’m sure you’ve run into a score of charities, benefits, fundraisers, groups and so on.

One Hoboken411 reader wanted to let you all know about another option.

“Thought you might be interested in a charity update. Our friend who lives in New York, was born and raised in Haiti, and she told us that she has finally located her family in Haiti. They said one of the best organizations on the ground right now is Partners In Health. It’s a very stable charity, enough so that the Gates Foundation provides them with substantial grants.

PIH has a viable hospital facility outside of the quake-damaged area and is helping victims now.

So if you are looking for an organization that is a first-responder, puts its donations immediately towards helping victims, PIH is a very good group.”

If you feel they’re a good recipient for your donations – just click the image above.

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