Video: Live Comedy at Monroe Center

1/29/2010 Update:

BYOB Comedy Night a great idea!

In a rare appearance to one of the thousands of events I’ve promoted here on Hoboken411, I shot a couple video clips of the first few comics at last Friday’s Live Comedy Night at the Monroe Center. You know, the BYOB one!

I believe this event was definitely a by-product of our economy, and the first I ever heard of. Most comedy shows are at a bar or restaurant, and you’re stuck paying exorbitant prices for the booze. One thing that I found interesting at this show – was that many were not from Hoboken (but saw it on 411!), the age of the crowd (mostly around 25 or so), plus the alcohol of choice – which were cases of Miller Light mostly! I felt a little odd with my bottle of red wine!!

You should check out Rich Shultis the next time he’s in Hoboken (at around 1:10) – funny guy!

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Mark your calendars for Friday, January 22nd at 9pm!

Live Comedy Night Jan 22 - Monroe Arts Center Hoboken NJ

Is this a first? BYOB comedy?

It’s the first I’ve heard of it – a comedy show with BYOB!

This coming Friday, January 22nd at the Monroe Center (720 Monroe Street) – swing by for some ├╝ber-cheap and fun Comedy! $15 cover – and yep – BYOB!!!

Soul Joel presents:

Owen Bowness
Ali Wong
John Moses
Rich Shultis
Hosted by: Maddog Mattern

Here’s a set from headliner Owen Bowness:

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Sad that he had to poke fun at the Monroe Center so much. But it’s true, that place stinks!


…as a follow up, the only one not worth seeing is John Moses. dude was awful.

In my opinion, Ali Wong was the funniest


I was there too..had a great time…having it at the monroe center was actually kind of cool…shady at first, but cool.


Anyone know if they will be having a show this Sat?