Another car burglary

712 Garden St.
Audi broken into. Garmin GPS system stolen out of car.
Suspect: 5’11” light skinned Mexican, grey T-shirt and shorts.

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That sucks. my window was broken 2 months ago. I have a gps bracket on my window so think that is what they were looking for. Instead the only thing they stole was my big golf umbrella. I only realized that when we had all those big rain storms. Bastards.

also saw a kid looking 2 weeks ago in a the cars on willow. called the cops.they said they get reports all the time. great….


Bastard! broken glass all over, got my brand new GPS…over $1000.00 with the glass replacement.. would love to have caught the guy.. neighbors heard the alarm and called the cops(good neighbors!)who got there in about 1 minute..12:15am..