Aspen Market Place

Aspen Market Place to celebrate 1st Anniversary in Hoboken

Good news not only for food lovers – but folks looking for a break on their grocery bills! Aspen Market Place (226 Washington St.) celebrates their 1st Birthday in Hoboken next weekend.

“The store formerly known as Garden of Eden” is so excited by this first year under their new name – that they’re providing customers with a coupon for a whopping 20% off their entire bill on Friday, April 5th and Saturday, April 6th.

Click the image below to print (and you might want to print more than one if you plan on repeated visits those days.


Aspen Market Place Hoboken NJ 1st Anniversary coupon - Aspen Market Place

Garden of Eden changes owners; Now Aspen Market Place

5/3/2012 Update:

A little clarification – you guys can be at ease. Nothing will change except the ownership, as they told me:

“The new store name is Aspen Market Place. Everything is remaining the same, products, employees etc. Just the name change and ownership.”

5/1/2012 Update:
Hoboken411 reader Pat found out today that the Garden of Eden market at 226 Washington Street has been sold, and within 2 weeks will be closing and new “management” will be taking over.

For those that were hoping for a Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods – you’re out of luck. It’s apparently set to become a Korean food market.

If true, I wonder why they sold. Profits not good enough? Rent too high? Too many homeless stealing oranges? Do they see something coming down the horizon that we don’t know about?

Garden of Eden Hoboken NJ closing - Aspen Market Place

Hoboken Garden of Eden: Take a look inside


Opening in less than 12 hours, let’s see what the store many people will be shopping at looks like!

I wonder if Kings is going to be in any trouble now. They better spruce up their act, or they may have something to worry about.

I’m sure GoE will be mobbed their first few weeks. I suggested to the owner Mike, that they should consider being open even longer, possibly even 24hrs.

More pics after the break.

goetopcs - Aspen Market Place
goefruit5cs - Aspen Market Place
goebakery1cs - Aspen Market Place
goecheeses2cs - Aspen Market Place
goedeli3cs - Aspen Market Place
goedairy4cs - Aspen Market Place
goemisc6cs - Aspen Market Place
goeolives7cs - Aspen Market Place
goeregisters8cs - Aspen Market Place
goeupstairs1cs - Aspen Market Place
goeupstairs2cs - Aspen Market Place
goeupstairs3cs - Aspen Market Place

Description: Gourmet Food Store
Address: 226 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030 – Hover to see map.

The manager there was off by a little more than a week. But hey, we just reported what they said. You know Hoboken, you can never really believe timelines. The Hoboken Actual Time Translator (HATT) would have been handy, had I developed it yet.

A reader in the comments section indicates 12/28 is what the sign in the window says. Hours from 7am-10pm!

Garden of Eden opening soon in Hoboken

12/14/2006 Update:

Spoke with the manager today. They were having open interviews from 9:00-4:00. Got to take a peek inside. It’s looking very nice. Most shelves are stocked, with the exception of perishable fresh food, meats and vegetables. They didn’t allow pictures yet.

This Garden of Eden has an upstairs eating area that can accommodate 40 diners, plus public restroom facilities.

Expected opening date: Either Tuesday, December 19th or Wednesday, December 20th. Mark your calendars!

Garden of Eden Progress in Hoboken

10/31/2006 Update:

Their awning went up a few days ago. They should be opening eventually!
garden of eden awning - Aspen Market Place

9/28/06 Update:

Here’s a few pictures of the progress. I have a feeling it will be an enormously popular store. At least in the beginning.
eden gourmet progress 1 - Aspen Market Place
eden gourmet progress 2 - Aspen Market Place

7/31/06: A reader indicated it’s a “Garden of Eden Gourmet” store, which has five locations in NYC.

A brief check on Yahoo indicates that a few people just think it’s an overpriced gourmet shop where the quality has gone down and the prices have gone up. Check that here.

DSC00232 b - Aspen Market Place

Will apparently become a “supermarket”, as one of the construction workers had told me.

They didn’t specify a name due to the language “barrier”.
What could it be? A Trader Joe’s? We doubt it because they insist on parking for their locations. Perhaps a 7-11 type store?

Will find out more this week if we get down there.

At least not another bank!

rite%20aid%20closed - Aspen Market Place

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OK, so they’ll have normal prices for two days. Good to know!


Jesus H Christ and the Four Horsmen Of The Apocalypse! We are doomed the sea levels are now going to rise and Hoboken will be no more because the Garden of Eden closed! Now I am going to have to get in my car and drive all the way to Whole Foods in Edgewater. Whole foods is 10 miles away. If I make that trip once a week I am going to burn a gallon of gas easily. That produces nearly 1/2 metric ton of Carbon Dioxide over the year if I burn 52 gallons of gas going to Whole Foods ever week. We are doomed, doomed the sea levels will rise plus there is now nowhere in Hoboken to buy a nice thick Sirloin Steak! 😆


well that’s a relief it’s just the management (and name) that’s changing. phew!!!


Bummer to hear it is just turning into a place like the one next to Cake Boss. I can’t stand the rude workers who follow you around thinking anything you touch, you are going to steal. Same goes for the health food place on 2nd. People shadowing you every step while you try to shop. Annoying and I refuse to give them my money anymore.


You’ve got to be kidding. Why on earth are they closing??? Every time I go in there it’s packed and there are lines to check out, so it’s not like they’re lacking business.

I don’t find this place over priced either. It’s the only place to get really good produce and they stock things you can’t find anywhere else in Hoboken.

I live uptown and gladly walk to Garden of Eden if I need produce, chocolate, hard to find ingredients etc and don’t want to trek to Whole Foods. I’m going to be really irritated if they close.