Fire victim fundraiser at O’Donoghue’s


Strong community help exhibited in Hoboken

In case you missed it – an employee at a local Hoboken bar (O’Donoghue’s – 205 First Street) suffered big losses from a fire that destroyed his home in JERSEY CITY last weekend. Glenn (also referred to as “G”) and his family lost all their belongings – and have reached out to the Hoboken community for some assistance.

Janine Loffredo, the head bartender at “OD’s” has organized some fundraisers to help Glenn and his family – with one such event coming up this Saturday, January 16th at 8pm.

Fire Victim Fundraiser Glenn G ODonoghues NJ Hoboken

Another Fundraiser for “G”

For those of you that don’t know what is going on, Glenn aka “G” is a bouncer here at ODs, he’s a great guy, and a tragic fire took his home from him and his family this past Saturday, while he was working.

Thankfully no one was harmed in the fire. All of their belongings are gone, so ANY type of donations would be appreciated!

We will have the boxes set up at OD’s for clothing, baby, and misc. items. The wife is a size Med top, size 9 jeans. The daughter is 2, and G is a big dude. 🙂 Size 44 in pants and 3X T and up in shirts.

Anything that you can donate to raffle off would be wonderful!

We did a mini-fundraiser this week, and would like to do round 2 at OD’s, on Saturday, January 16th 8:00pm.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated support!

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