Peachtree Hollow is not that far away!


A fun Hoboken411 image, and some great uptown Hoboken history for you today!

What is too far away for you?

Hoboken is a smidge bigger than a Mile Square city. Only about 1.35 miles from the Hudson Tea Building to Observer Highway, and about 0.8 miles from the Skyclub Gym, to the Hudson River waterfront.

So it’s safe to say that 95% of the places that you might visit in Hoboken are less than a two mile walk away. Two miles – not bad! Even a moderate stroll will get you practically anywhere in town in 30 minutes or less.

However, quite a few people I’ve spoken with in regards to this new Peachtree Hollow Commerce Center (strip mall) uptown at 14th and Grand streets – is “way out of the way.” Same with the Clearview Cinemas Movie Theater as well. It reminds me of the four block radius story that ran on Hoboken411 late last year.

Well for those that feel that certain places are “just too far” – I edited an image of the commerce center to reflect your sentiments! Have fun this weekend, everyone!

Peachtree Hollow Commerce Center Wilderness Hoboken NJ

But wait, we’re not done just yet! The owner of the property, Mike Gorman – provides a little history and the reasoning behind the name!!!

Why is it called Peachtree Hollow?

“So, lets start with Peach Tree Hollow. The name was invented by me: Michael P. Gorman, a Hoboken taxpayer since the late 60’s.

The Gorman’s owned R.G. Delivery Service since 1935 and have had four blocks of Hoboken for generations. I have seen a great deal come and go uptown. But, sticking to Peach Tree Hollow; there was a family that lived on the second lot off the corner of Adams and 13th Street. Originally they came from Chester and were a farm family. Viola was a very large woman who, I was told, had a place in the era of women’s professional wrestling back in the 1950 era. Her husband was a thickly bespeckled man who was thin-as-a-rail and retired. Three families lived in that house. Viola and her husband on the ground floor. Their son on an upstairs floor. And their daughter on another floor…


(Peachtree Hollow, Continued…)

peach tree hollow hoboken NJ“Viola had a small front yard and a side yard with what resembled a long horse stable where Hobokenites from the Garden Street area rented garage space. Most days, Vi would sit outside in her rocker with a water-skiing type rope attached up into a Maple tree at the curb.. She would gently pull herself back-and-forth while her two white German Shepard’s howled at everybody from the yard. Vi was a large, pleasant women who talked to all passersby. She also had Peach Trees – beautiful peaches – sometimes she would put a card table at the curb and sell them in little bags or baskets. I believe they were the variety called white peaches. Trees of a modest height, they had a great yield and beautiful fruit.

Down the block, next to the viaduct, was Leonard Hodgins Trucking. (Where the Cinema is today). Originally, their red house was on the east side of the street where the Pre-K is. In the 1950 era, Lenny had the house picked up and moved to higher ground across the street. And he had peaches, beautiful peaches. Most of all he had left a gorgeous peach tree in what was his old side-yard. About ten feet in from the fire hydrant between Adams and Jefferson. A large, perhaps 20 foot high tree, it had peaches the size of softballs. I recall City DPW workers coming around with their trucks which they would climb upon to reach the real beauties way on top.

One day in 2009, I read an article about Hoboken Ward number this and Ward number that. I thought “how sterile.” “How cold to say , I live in ward 5.” So, I gave my place a name! A name that those who know Hoboken could relate to. A name that remembered Vi and old Lenny Hodgins down the street. A name that makes me recall a time when we had blue color beer-and-a-ball bars. Nobody pee’d in the streets and out-of-towners stayed out there.

The tree? I had a guy named Eddie Roman who asked if I could put his brother “Eddie” to work. I asked “Eddie??” He said “yeah, I have another brother Eddie too, my mom really liked that name.” So, Eddie#2 came down to cut weeds with a razor sharp machete he brought from Puerto Rico. In a week, I went to the lot to find every blade of grass, every weed and a huge Peach tree all gone. He was so proud, he grinned from ear to ear and asked if he had not done a quality job. I smiled back and said “yeah Eddie, magnificent. It looks great” So, there you have it. Why I call it Peach Tree Hollow.

Thanks a ton for your history lesson, Mike!

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I’ve been to the new theater more times already than I ever visited the former Hudson Street Cinemas.

I’m definitely getting my money’s worth with Optimum Rewards’ ‘free movies Tuesdays.’


I guess everyone has different experiences — I didn’t care for the Hoboken theater and I try to patronize local businesses whenever I can. I think the first time I went was a Tuesday or Wednesday night — when it first opened so I figured the crowd was due to that. Gave it a 2nd chance, went on a Thursday night – not any better. Then went on a Sunday afternoon, and it was just as bad.

Union Square can be a mob scene if you go to blockbusters at peak times, which I usually don’t. Which is why I found it so surprising that the Hoboken theater was filled with a bunch of teenage kids screaming through the movies and cellphones ringing and crap (all three times).

If you didn’t have this experience, then by all means go back. But I did, so I won’t be going back, thats all.

I feel the same way about the Newport Mall theater. Same problems. Haven’t run into it at Union Square though.


The distance to “Peach Tree Hollow” seems longer if it is raining and you are coming from “Sewer Tomato Square”.


Great story! Too bad the peach tree had to go. Maybe Mike could plant some new ones. Good luck to him. Selling businesses on that location can’t be easy.


I’ve only been to the theater once, but it was enjoyable and comfortable. Give it a try… it’s nice to have a theater in town! Plus, you can have a drink before/after at Carpe Diem… which is a good bar (IMHO).