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Good news about the Hoboken Police Department and some arrests made for a string or recent burglaries…

daniels liquor burglary arrests Hoboken NJ

Three arrests for burglary

Hoboken Police have made arrests of (3) individuals responsible for a recent string of Burglaries to businesses in Hoboken. The most recent Burglary occurred on January 6, 2010 at 0310 hrs. Officer Ryan Dimone, of the Anti-Crime Unit, observed a male exiting the side entrance of Daniel’s Liquor Store at 87 Garden Street, at the time the store was closed. This individual was later identified as (Brian P. Weldon Age 25 of Hoboken, NJ). Upon observing P/O Dimone, who was in plain clothes, Mr. Weldon fled the area on foot. A short time later P/O Mario Novo of the Anti-Crime Unit observed another male (later identified as: Jason Solivan Age 28 of Hoboken, NJ) in the same location that Mr. Weldon was standing, outside Daniel’s Liquors. As Officer Dimone and Novo were approaching they observed Mr. Solivan now carrying a large black duffle bag and began to walk away from the officers. A check of Daniel’s Liquors confirmed the establishment had been recently burglarized.

Upon approach by the officers for further investigation, Solivan began to run, after a lawful order to stop from the pursuing officers and ran into a building elevator at 51 Garden Street. Police conducted a building search and Brian P. Weldon was found hiding in a recycling room on the 9th floor by P/O’s Dimone, Dimartino, Sellick and Aviles and was placed under arrest. The security manager for Daniel’s Liquors responded to allow officers to view video surveillance from the store. Upon review both Brian Weldon and Jason Solivan were observed and positively identified burglarizing the store and carrying the same black duffle bag observed earlier by officers in possession of Mr. Solivan. Additionally, the security manager provided further information after recognizing both Weldon and Solivan on video to a third person that resides with the actors. This individual was identified as (Ralph E. Santiago Age 42 of Hoboken, NJ.) Santiago lived in Unit 413 of 51 Garden Street, the same building Mr. Weldon was apprehended in earlier.

A BOLO of Ralph Santiago was issued and he was observed by P/O Butler at 74 Hudson Street and was detained for investigation. After voluntarily agreeing to come to Police HQ Mr. Santiago cooperated and signed a voluntarily consent to search his apartment at 51 Garden Street. Upon entering Santiago’s apartment officers found Jason Solivan inside and he also was placed under arrest. Moreover, the entire proceeds of the recent Burglary to Daniel’s Liquor Store were recovered in the apartment. An approximate total of $2500.00 in various liquor, cigarettes, cigars and cash were recovered as the proceeds of the Burglary. Weldon was charged with Burglary; Theft, and Criminal Mischief. Solivan was charged with Burglary; Theft, and Obstruction of the Administration of law. Both actors were incarcerated at the Hudson County Correctional Adult Facility.

A follow up investigation that was in progress by the Detective Bureau resulted in Jason Solivan and Brian Weldon also being charged with a second incident of Burglary; Theft, and Criminal Mischief of a business located at 89 Willow Avenue that occurred on December 25, 2009. Evidence was obtained, including taped confessions by both actors that tied them to this Burglary. Additionally, a total of $13,200.00 worth of merchandise including computers, monitors, and a flat screen TV, camera and other electronic merchandise was reported stolen during this Burglary. To date, none of the proceeds of this crime were recovered, however, according to Lieutenant Mark Competello, Detective Bureau Commander, the investigation is ongoing into the recovery of this merchandise and further arrests may be imminent.

The third Burglary occurred on January 1, 2010 at Legal Beans, LLC located at 204 Newark Street. (Jason Solivan Age 28 of Hoboken, NJ) was arrested for Burglary; Theft, and Possession of Burglars Tools after investigation and evidence led Detectives to link this crime to Mr. Solivan. Solivan acted alone and a total of $1400.00 was reported missing including cash and electronics. This incident and the proceeds stolen also remain under investigation at this time.

According to Lt. Mark Competello these arrests and some other past arrests could be attributed to Chief Anthony Falco’s creation of an “Anti-Crime Unit” in which officers patrol in plain-clothes and in unmarked vehicles that cover the entire City of Hoboken covertly and in turn are able to be proactive in both crime prevention and the apprehension of individuals committing crimes. “ The results this unit has achieved since its inception has been simply outstanding, to date this unit has made a total of (129) arrests. The end result of swift arrests of criminals such as in this instance and overall has made the City a safer place, while simultaneously reducing crime. These recent arrests are a credit to Anti Crime, Uniform Patrol and the Criminal Investigations Unit working in unison, and has resulted in a safer community for all.”

In related news…

I heard something about a string of burglaries that happened this week along Washington Street, north of 11th. Apparently three or four storefronts were burglarized (Singleton Galmann and others) – did anyone hear anything about this? Apparently they got in through the back – which means they must have had access from some adjacent apartment buildings…

Uptown Hoboken Burglary Singleton Galmann 1

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Friday, January 8, 2010 9:21 am

Wow, great jon HPD. This is some legit police work.

Public hanging for all the burglers that were caught. They bring nothing to society.

Friday, January 8, 2010 8:24 am

It’s about time someone was caught. So many of these crimes go unsolved. Let’s hope these guys actually stay in jail for a while.

Friday, January 8, 2010 8:00 am

Great job guys.

Thursday, January 7, 2010 8:43 pm

I heard Legal Beans was broken into on NYE.

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