Drunk and Disorderly

Over at Mikie squared. I guess the heat makes people even more drunk.

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China has an awesome new type of establishment called an “anger bar”

Said one satisfied customer: “Do you know who I am? I’m the mayor of Hoboken and the Hudson Valley chocolate king!”. Flailing his arms he also commented “You want a fresh one”.



Woah, I know that guy. He physically charged at me once at Louise and Jerry’s. I’ve seen him around town a few times, and heard stories about his drunken antics.


this guy is a complete nut job, I was at the shannon lounge monday and he came in for a while, got nasty with the bartender, was told to leave and threatened to have the bar shut b/c he’s “going to be the new mayor as roberts is stepping down”


Look I am get personal here. Maybe I shouldn’t but I am.I think Jeni has a good heart. Without judging she is in a place right now that isn’t the most positive.Some people do things because it is easier than dealing.I think that is the case. I hope that for her sake that she slows down a little bit.


this jeni person is clearly a crack head, who is on their computer all night long? look at the time of her post’s. just ignore her guys.