Wells Fargo Moves Off Washington

Wells Fargo Mortgage moves in Hoboken, NJ

Normally – a bland, pedestrian business like Wells Fargo Mortgage Bank (321 Washington) moving to a new location in Hoboken, NJ would be “boring news.”

However, this particular update is interesting for more than one reason.

For one – back over seven years ago – we here at Hoboken411 called the Real Estate “bubble bursting” way in advance of the 2008 economic collapse. We saw that this mortgage bank was rarely populated by customers, let alone enthusiastic employees. Yeah, we were a few years ahead, but you can’t complain you didn’t hear the cries WAY in advance. Your loss!

Secondly (and this could be argued), it is another “nail in the coffin” for our once vibrant “main drag.” Not saying a mortgage bank is what attracts tourists to our local boutiques, so maybe this is a blessing in disguise. You never know!

Perhaps another bakery like Riviera can take the throne once again?

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Bank moves off Washington Street in Hoboken NJ - Wells Fargo Moves Off Washington

Their new location will be close to Liberty Realty at 5 Marine View Plaza.

Wells Fargo Mortgage Bank – Hoboken, NJ


Not sure if this was just an odd coincidence, but the Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Bank was pretty much empty at a peak time in Hoboken when everyone was around. Would you consider this one of the signs that the bubble is really bursting?

wells fargo empty - Wells Fargo Moves Off Washington

Seems to be a need for this:
Description: Mortgage Bank. Loans, consolidation, refinance, etc.
Address: 321 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030

wells%20fargo%20home%20mortgage%20sign%20up - Wells Fargo Moves Off Washington

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Thursday, August 5, 2010 10:20 pm

Wells Fargo Mortgage Hoboken. This branch is a scam, don’t use them. We’ve been Wachovia customers for 25 years. We thought we could trust Wells Fargo and close a refinance with them quickly since we bank with them. They are unorganized, have poor record keeping, and yes you to death so you think things are being taken care of. In the end, we are out 1000 dollars for two appraisals for two loan applications that never closed. If you call Wells Fargo Bank, they have nothing to do with these brokers. It’s a brand logo franchise, that’s it. Don’t use them!!!! go to your bank of choice direct.

Red Haven
Red Haven
Tuesday, September 19, 2006 3:28 pm

This may be a sign of the times… but maybe people are just turned off by the fact that all they did was rip down the Rivera Bakery sign and place their logo over it. Looks pretty cheesball to me. You can still see where the old sign used to be. Looks dirty. They couldn’t repaint? Not very appealing.

Thursday, July 20, 2006 8:38 pm

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Opening July 28st. 2006
Tel. 201-714-5640
Tel. 866-902-4343
Fax. 201-659-0318

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