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see quick “Happy Hour” (6/28/06)review below as well

See ultra quick review below.

Description – Hip, casual restaurant. Outdoor dining and Rooftop bar available with a (partial) view of Manhattan. Zagat rated. Entrée price range $9-$28. Prix-fixe dinner Mon – Thurs 5pm to 7pm for $10.
Services –
Bar, New American cuisine
Website – (not working anymore)
Address –
56 14th St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-5555
Telephone –
(201) 963-8200

city%20bistro - City Bistro

sovereign view bistro uptown - City Bistro


June 2006

I have to say one thing about City Bistro. The happy hour is kick ass. From 5-8 every day except Saturday, they have the rooftop (not sure if this applies inside, forgot to ask) specials $3 beers. Can’t go wrong with that. The crowds are usually sparse enough to find some elbow room and have a good conversation with just about anyone.

The bartenders are ultra-friendly, and the mood generally upbeat. A great place to kick off the night, or end the grueling workday.

Highly recommended even to those who are afraid to leave their usual stomping grounds.
Check it out!

City%20bistro%20rooftop - City Bistro


June 2006

A beautiful afternoon of boozing on the rooftop turned into yep, you guessed it, more eating. 🙁

Being on a Sunday, the middle section of Bistro was closed so we grabbed the first table we could find and quickly ordered some standard stuff.

Bistro%20downstairs%20bar - City Bistro

To quickly review…


  • Standard. No complaints.

Item #1 Buffalo Wings:

  • Not really hot
  • Wimpy portion. Paltry celery helping. Drippy bleu cheese.

Bistro%20wings - City Bistro

Item #2 Bistro Burger:

  • Ordered medium rare. Came medium rare. Meat had peculiar taste. But didn't kill me (yet).
  • The bun was incredible. The reason I'd order another one again. 1000 sesame seeds and had a bagel-like crunch. Delicious.
  • Fries.. shoestring. Ok.

Bistro%20burger - City Bistro

Item #3 Pulled pork sandwich

  • Pull-pork section was tasty.
  • One person felt the quantity might have been a bit skimpy.

Bistro%20Pulled%20pork - City Bistro

Item #4 Plain bar pie

  • ding ding ding. A winner! Tasty.
  • One of the best bar pies in Hoboken
  • Flavorful, cheesy, great crust.
  • I can go on and on.

Bistro%20bar%20pie - City Bistro

Bistro is still a fun place to go to. We now prefer NOT to go there at peak time, because the crowds are kind of overbearing. And after living in Hoboken for so long, most of us adopt a rule that we will never wait in line to go ANYWHERE. But if you get there early, or on a weekend during the summer, the rooftop bar is still a gem.


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Sunday, September 19, 2010 8:26 pm

This used to be one of my favorite bars for food in all of Hoboken. I will not EVER come to this bar again. The way they treat their employees is utterly disgusting. The owners pretty much btched out a server trying to do her job (get food from their slow as hell kitchen – seriously, I waited an hour for my food). I repeat, will NEVER go to this bar ever again. I will never order takeout here. I will never suggest this bar to any of my friends ever again. I will make it clear to everyone I know that the management of this bar is horrid and that they should boycott City Bistro purely b/c of how nasty they are to their employees. And you certainly don’t ever scream out that a server is UGLY (yes – I was there) and fire her in front of all the customers when the person calling the server ugly is far from being pretty herself. She was only doing her job and the main reason the owner seemed to be so upset w/ her is she was in the back trying to get the kitchen to get food out faster than in AN HOUR. Management should fire themselves and hire a someone w/ a non-toxic attitude to run the place. Clearly they aren’t capable of handling the joint. Now what other bars do they own? I want to make sure I will NEVER patronize those establishments either. It might help… Read more »

Tuesday, December 22, 2009 1:29 am

Awesome idea for holiday dining, try the wedge salad and finish with the aged sirloin, yum yum yum.

Monday, September 29, 2008 12:46 pm

does anyone know when the roof bar closes for the season? or has it already?

Friday, June 22, 2007 3:13 pm

the crab cakes are good and service slow at times. but all in all it is well worth the price.

but the crab cakes at 10th & willow are better!

Trail of Dead
Trail of Dead
Friday, June 22, 2007 3:04 pm

I just need emarche to call her names.. I can’t because after a potatochip post I don’t get angry – I just get sad, depressed and wondering why I’m not beautiful anymore and why I act like a grumpy old lady when I’m only in my 30’s… In other words, I become potatochip. I start making up fake boyfriends and fake family members and fake jobs.
God, I’m going to overdose on Valium and cheap gin.

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