Thom Yorke mash (already!)

A break from the falling Hoboken infrastructure and stomach ulcers.

Update: This is my favorite song off the new album:

Thom Yorke – Black Swan

This is really for Radiohead fans..
But anyone who’s heard Thom Yorke’s solo album and loves it may find this mashup unbelievable as well.

I personally don’t like Kelly Clarkson’s original music, but the mashups are always great. This one is no exception.

Kelly Clarkson vs. Thom Yorke – Atoms for Idols


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hoboken411 – no prob. just chiming in and being a smartass;) heh. for the record…I have 79,476 mp3’s (ls -lR * |wc -l) and ALBW as of now and 645gb 😉 On freebsd….love the site btw;)


hoboken411 – buy xm;) or use p2p, bittorrent etc. 😉 FM is garbage


But it’s still Kelly Clarkson singing some garbage, it’s mainstream music with a different beat thrown in behind it.