City Council Meeting 1/6/2010

1/7/2010 Update:

Another nauseatingly boring and useless city council meeting in the books. “Highlights: Charlie Mancini laying down the smackdown for the bogus “open process” for Zoning Board appointments and Mary Ondreka’s loud rant about more changes at Church Square Park.”

Nuts about trees and shrubbery

Speaking of Mary Ondreka, here’s a brief clip of here losing a few nuts and bolts last night… AN-GRY is a suitable word. About the only entertaining aspect of the meeting, and I did the legwork for you all and saved you the trouble of finding the highlight in the 4+ hour meeting (short by Hoboken standards):

See archived video and chat transcript after the jump!

Council meetings only popular with a select few

While the role of the City Government in Hoboken is supposed to be very important – and can and will affect your quality of life, as well as your wallet (remember the big tax increase?) – the number of residents that actually participate in the ongoing democratic process is embarrassingly low.

Did you know even in our “progressive” city – with high incomes and full broadband connections – that collectively, less that two tenths of one percent of the residents actually watch this live streaming video?

City Council Video & Chat tonight – fun drinking edition!

Considering a majority of that minute number are usually either connected, want to be connected, or get their rocks off brown-nosing politicians for hopes of a future role in the government – it can get quite boring to watch this month after month.

So since this is the inaugural city council meeting of the new decade (hooray!) – tonight’s live chat will be the “Council Drinking Game Edition.”

As the night progresses, participants will be encouraged to suggest (and guess) what a particular council person or member of the public might say or do – as well as predictions, polls and more. Fun topics such as:

  • How many “Lenz Triple L’s” will take place (Lengthy Lenz Lectures) – one shot each time.
  • Three chugs of beer each time a mesmerized political groupie takes the mic to schmooze a councilperson.
  • Slam a whole beer if it’s a regular non-politically motivated resident with a real, honest concern – and send them a thank you card in the mail.
  • A shot everytime the words “nasal” and “Bhalla” are used in a single sentence by a commenter.
  • Etc., etc., etc.

Swing by at around 7pm and let the games begin!




Here’s a pre-breakfast political bite for you early birds in Hoboken…

First Hoboken Council Session of 2010

The city may still be on vacation today – but doesn’t mean you can’t prepare yourself by checking out what’s on tap for the next City Council meeting on Wednesday, January 6th, 2010 at 7pm.

Hoboken City Council Meeting 2010 Jan 6th - City Council Meeting 1/6/2010

What’s on tap, 411?

I briefly glanced over the agenda and resolutions, and here’s a sampling of what’s in store this week:

  • “Vacation more than work” Mayor Dawn Zimmer appoints more avid election groupies supporters to various board positions in Hoboken (You gotta pay to play, yo!)
  • Oh, of course more nonsensical “Budget Talk”
  • More than $60,000+ of Property Tax Appeal refunds… (what’s the total up to now?)
  • A plan to get rid of all the so-called “illegal” and unregistered apartments in Hoboken (about time – I was the victim myself once – I haven’t forgotten about you, Mr. Seth Martin!)
  • And what seems to be a very well thought out internal city communiqué to donate some old Hoboken Mounted Police equipment (you know, da horseys!) to the municipality of Asbury Park. Good thorough work for such a very critical show-stopping city issue. Way to go, city hall! Bravo!!!

That and a few more items on the platter for this week’s meeting.

Head over to City Hall at 7pm on Wednesday, or grab a cup of cocoa (or anything else you want) and watch the meeting live here on Hoboken411!

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Seth is now making life miserable down at the new Jefferson Trust Condo building as well. Complaints about that site are constant. Do we really need another high-rise condominium when there is inventory on the market?


We have an representative type government. The public elected them and has the civic duty to hold them accountable and responsible. It took many years for Hoboken to get in this financial mess and it will take time to correct. Again, before we go off the deep end, we have to give the new administration a chance.


Everyone agreed a change was needed in Hoboken, a good change that is. The problem is that this is actually the same game with different names. Does anything ever get done at the 7 hour council meetings? If all the time spent was actually accomplishing something, I would OK, but nothing gets done but lectures and tirades. Are any solutions given to overly taxed, unemployed residents of this town? NOT!! They can call all the workshops, voluntary services they want, it still amounts to 0! Everyone knows NJ is broke, the country is broke, so why all the screaming? This economy will take years to straighten out, so calm down and just dig in and do whatever you can to help your own situation.


I’m at work and can’t listen to everything now, but what was the item that got MaryO so worked up?


Project Play? In a park that is home to a library and a church?
The impetus of this brilliant group was “why can’t we have the amenities of liberty state park in the middle of Hoboken”? Also this group is directly tied to Cunningham. One doesn’t have to go to far to see why Mary’s passion may cause her to be angry.