Hoboken Week(s) in Review 1/3/2010


A new year in Hoboken…

After an exciting snow storm, the Christmas holiday and New Year (fireworks) – Hoboken411 is back with the week in review!

Hoboken411 week in review 2010 first week

Here are some noteworthy entries for the past three weeks!

Hot Topics

    Bitter contract negotiations results in Cablevision having two less channels for the time being: The Food Network and HGTV.
    The Cake Boss’ fame and popularity rise along with the length of the lines in front of Carlos City Hall Bake Shop.
    In response to the recent questionable news from the State AG – Stevens Chairman Babbio issues an “explanatory” press release…
    Many Hoboken residents agree that having a single unified election in November, instead of what seems like every other month would be a great idea.
    Some residents feel that the “reform” promised each municipal election results in the exact opposite.
    All sorts of silly drama regarding the MTV show “Jersey Shore,” and the characters they portray.
  • WINE!
    Did you know that there are some great places to get great, affordable wine outside of Hoboken?
    HUMC Hospital gets many millions of dollars to keep them alive. How long will it last remains to be seen.
    24 hour businesses are good for many people – but come with a little risk!
  • FIRE!
    A downtown fire displaced a few families – and the Hoboken Fire Department once again did a tremendous job tackling the tricky situation.
    A once gung-ho resident who was angered beyond belief about property taxes, shifts his energy to a pesky red traffic light.

Business Updates

You can see all the businesses that came and went in 2009 here – but below are some more recent Mile Square updates…

Inspirational Quote of the Week:

“It is in the character of very few men to honor without envy a friend who has prospered.”

– Aeschylus

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Does anyone know why the School Board meeting of December 15th and the City Council meeting of December 16th are not being televised?