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Hoboken has so many great resources – and one of them is local Photographer Craig Wallace Dale

A Great Way to Learn Digital Photography in Hoboken

Hoboken based photographer and arts educator Craig Wallace Dale announces the opening of a new digital photography school, Beyond the Photograph.

Beyond the Photograph is more than photography lessons, beyond the basics of megabytes, shutter speeds and f-stops. While technical concepts of the camera are learned, the primary focus is on unlocking the creative potential of the photographer.

Today’s digital cameras have hundreds of function combinations, choosing the right one is daunting. Beyond the Photograph’s Adult Digital Photography course is designed to simplify those functions and help the user get the most from their camera. With digital cameras costing upwards of a thousand dollars, can anyone afford not to get the most from it?

Beyond the Photograph students will learn how f-stop and shutter speed choices affect their pictures, examine the various lens choices, practice the art of fill flash, explore composition and more.

The teaching approach of Beyond the Photograph gets students engaged with hotography through weekly assignments that encourage them to seek solutions with their camera. Through this “Hungry Eye” approach, students will learn the subtleties of light and all that it can do as well as an understanding how composition is the guiding of the viewer’s eyes to the main subject of the picture creating maximum visual impact. Each session concludes with a “Tell Me a Story” final project. Students select a subject or event that intrigues them then spend several weeks creating
pictures rich in narrative visual language. As with good writing, a visual story must have a beginning, middle and end, and be alive with vivid images that both inform and captivate the viewer.

Beyond the Photograph’s Adult Digital Photography program is a twelve-week exploration of what makes a good picture and how to use your camera to make them consistently. Classes are held on Monday nights at 7:00 pm beginning January 11th or Saturday mornings at 9:00 am beginning January 9th at the Monroe Center for the Arts, 720 Monroe Street in Hoboken. To insure participants get individual attention, enrollment is limited to six per class. For more info please visit, email or call 201-681-8400.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010 11:06 am

Thanks for posting this. I’ve been looking for digital photography classes in Hoboken for months — to no avail. But how much does this class cost? It doesn’t say on their website.

Monday, January 4, 2010 10:39 pm

all of you ebayers that take blurry pics, here is a class for you

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