New Year’s Eve Water Cooler 12/31/2009


Some mid-morning updates on the last day of 2009! Get used to typing (and writing) 2010!

Hoboken New years eve water cooler

NO booze on the PATH after 3pm!

Hoboken411 reader Jason did some leg work for us and reports that: “PATH Police said that after 3pm on New Years Eve, ANY and ALL liquor bottles (beer, wine, spirits, champagne) will be confiscated from anyone found traveling with them on PATH trains at that time.”

411 note: I’m on both sides of the fence here – while I think as long as the bottle is closed (or never opened) it should be allowed – however, put yourself in the shoes of those enforcing the law, and sometimes it’s easier to have a set policy. If I was really in charge – I’d shut the whole PATH down at 3pm – and force people to drive or take the bus. Less of a headache.

Manufactured Terror Attacks?

If you’ve been awake for the past couple days, no doubt you’ve heard about the foiled terror attack attempt on a plane headed into Detroit. Thank God no one died or was injured.

Conspiracy Theory Alert!
Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab is a victim of the US Government AmericaI’ll admit, some of my friends are disbelievers of practically EVERYTHING that is reported on the news or from our government.

Part of me doesn’t blame them, because until you witness something first hand – you cannot actually verify it’s authenticity. With that being said, some of the “conspiracy theories” floating around now in the wake of this so-called terrorist attempt are:

  • This was manufactured by the U.S. Government as a catalyst to go to war with Yemen!
  • This was manufactured by the U.S. Government as justification for more control over it’s own citizens (i.e., enhanced airport security), and lastly…
  • This was manufactured by the U.S. Government to allow massive contracts to be awarded to the “full body scanner” companies that stand to make tens of millions of dollars (of which a cut will be given to those who created this so-called “scare.”)

Obviously, use your own judgment when forming your thoughts – but you have to think about things a little more. (I have a story about this coming next week…)

Financial Reform? For who?

In the final Water Cooler nugget for today – an interesting article out of

As you may very well know – these “bills” that have been lugged around Congress in the past year, have been of unprecedented size and scope. 1000, 1500, 2500 pages and more!

In regards to the recent “Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act” passed this year – Bloomberg reporter David Reilly actually READ the ENTIRE bill – and points out what you need to know. Stuff like “It supports the biggest banks. It authorizes Federal Reserve banks to provide as much as $4 trillion in emergency funding the next time Wall Street crashes. So much for “no-more-bailouts” talk. That is more than twice what the Fed pumped into markets this time around. The size of the fund makes the bribes in the Senate’s health-care bill look minuscule.”

When will the government get out of our hair?

Have a great New Year, everyone – more to come later!

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Well that’s your problem right there – who carries a shooping bag? Of COURSE they’re going to search that!


@ the underwear bomber story – I like the discretion of this water cooler. Looking at the would be bomber’s underwear all over the media is more information than I need. C’mon, really guys!

I believe the incident was manufactured by Al Qaeda to gross us out – imagine being splattered with this guy’s crotch! Looks like they are 0-2 with the on board explosion bit, but they are still “bragging”?!


I think it is a great plan by the NYPD/PAPD/HPD to have us provide the liquor for their post-NYE celebrations.


No bottles means get creative. It’s not that hard. When we went to the old yankee stadium we would go to sandwich shoppes and get hoagie rolls and scoop out berad and stuff beers and booze inside. We would then wrap in paper and mark paper ham and cheese or salami. Since you could bring food in, the guards assumed it has a sandwich.

Path train rule is a joke. You don’t want people drinking, patrol the platforms and trains.

FOr those of you with bottles, go to a sandwich shop and do my idea and place in a subway sanwich bag, cops wont notice. Or shove it in your pants and say its a tumor


Not allowing unopened bottles is ridiculous and doesn’t even sound legal to me.

How about actually beefing up cops ON the trains/platforms instead of simply putting a few at entrances.