Best Buffalo Wings in Hoboken?


Back in July of 2006 (Yikes, time flies!), Hoboken411 ran a poll for “Best Buffalo Wings” and reviewed the top three vote-getters. See that recap / review links after the jump.

However, a 411 reader recently sent an email in looking for suggestions from all of you, so I decided to bump this article.

She says:
“I am one of the lucky ones to have the NFL ticket. I will be having about 20 people over in a few weeks to watch football, hang out and eat food. Men, woman and kids too. I was wondering if there is a suggestion on where I should order a bulk order (100+) of buffalo wings. I know this is a touchy subject on 411 but I’d like all the info before pre-ordering!

Fellow 411-er”

What would you suggest to her?

hoboken buffalo wings 2 - Best Buffalo Wings in Hoboken?

This the recap of the reviews and how the overall ratings compared to each other. So far we’ve reviewed the top 3 places that were voted in the poll.

Here’s what was compared for this review (click to read original reviews):

10th and Willow “Wing Night”
Chicken and Rib Crib 10pc Hot wings dinner
Black Bear quick wings meal at the bar

10th and Willow

Atmosphere: Ok, a bit dark in there. Bar scene. TV’s, alcohol.
Wing premise: Free wings on Monday nights (BBQ, Buffalo, Teriyaki). Plus carrots and celery.
Meal Analysis: Overall very good. BBQ not our favorite, but the buffalo (not quite hot enough, kinda weak on overall flavor) and Teriyaki (nice n crispy) were tasty. Moderate meat amount. Generally fell off the bone with ease.
Pros: Free, rather delicious, in a bar if alcohol is desired. Plus carrots and celery available.
Cons: May eat or drink too much. BBQ not that good.
Conclusion: If you only drink 2 drinks, the wings at 10th and Willow are satisfying and an excellent value. Above par compared to other Hoboken bars.
Tip: Getting there before the GIANT vats of wings come out may net you a better batch.

Chicken & Rib Crib

Atmosphere: Depends on where you eat them, since they’re takeout or delivery only.
Wing premise: You buy the wings and eat them elsewhere. $7.65 for 10. $10.05 with Fries. Comes with a bun (why?) and 2oz. of bleu cheese per 10 wings. No veggies.
Meal Analysis: Very yummy. One of the best tasting hot sauces. Bleu cheese very good too, but not “genuine”. Not enough. Meat, however, could have fell off the bone a little better. Felt like a barbarian attempting to get some of the meat off. Skin was kinda thick as well. However, meat was still plentiful. I still dig their regular crispy fried chicken better.
Pros: Eat where you want (without embarrasment of sauce on your face). Rather giant wings, despite the meat difficulty. Awesome fries.
Cons: Comparatively costly on a “per wing” basis. Takout only. Not enough bleu cheese. Straight meat & potatos. No celery, etc.
Conclusion: If you’re going to pay full price for wings, this may be your best bet. The fries are great as well. Buy your own celery.
Tip: If you want the meat to fall off better, insist that they cook the wings “extra well done and extra crispy” and you will be happier.

Black Bear

Atmosphere: Bar scene. TV’s, alcohol.
Wing premise: Hot wings off the menu. Offered in mild, medium, hot and “atomic”. Plus carrots and celery.
Meal Analysis: Taste and “pull off the bone action” was very good. Paltry meat amount on many wings.
Pros: Delicious, in a bar if alcohol is desired.
Cons: Weak meat. You have to pay full price. We didn’t go on a special wing night.
Conclusion: Wings were hot, tasty and cooked crispy and the way wings should be made. But they were teeny and kinda weak.
Tip: Maybe order a double order.

So far for round 1, I’d have to give the nod to 10th and Willow. As all the factors came in and gave that wing night the best overall rating. More choice, great value, and filling wings. Black Bear comes in a close second, as the wings were crispy and nice and hot, but they were rather skimpy with the meat. A close third was Chicken & Rib Crib. Takeout and still good, but just missing the other elements that make the wings eating experience complete (the veggies).

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Thursday, September 20, 2007 7:32 pm

In ways red bank is a lot like hoboken was 10 years ago there are a lot of the same issues . parking, town services, taxes, developers and town hall in bed with other . Oh there are times where traffic just sucks, like i said a budding hoboken.

Thursday, September 20, 2007 3:43 pm

[quote comment=”44429″]Thanks monk, oh well ok and dirtyjerz for the insight.[/quote]

no prob, buy me a plate of wings and we will call it even

Thursday, September 20, 2007 3:34 pm

I think 10th and willow’s wings are the best in town. DO NOT order from wings to go or get them from buskers YUCK! i’ll have to try hobson’s, green rock and rogo’s. tommy like wingy!

Thursday, September 20, 2007 1:41 pm

Thanks monk, oh well ok and dirtyjerz for the insight.

Thursday, September 20, 2007 1:36 pm

wings to go

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