Promoting reckless alcoholism?


Fire it up, bomb it, out of control, yo!

The way our laws work in this country these days is very interesting. We legalize a substance that is obviously a hindrance to society (alcohol) – yet have laws that punish people for consuming too much – and at the same time allow establishments such as our very own Dubliner to ferociously promote what I consider reckless drinking!

Just looking at this “Bomb-a-Thon” sign at the Dubliner makes me think – “what does any “a-thon” promote?”

Dubliner Bombathan Thursdays Hoboken NJ excessive alcohol consumption - Promoting reckless alcoholism?

Well it promotes long-term and excessive anything! Whether it’s Jerry Lewis donations, kinky sex, or liver damage – to dim-witted lemmings this means “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! More! More! More!”

Many of Hoboken’s quality of life issues stem from our abundance of bars and liquor establishments. While this is supposedly good for the local economy (do the local bar owners spend their profits at local businesses? Or do they live out of town and take their money elsewhere?), as well as vehicular accidents, parking problems, fights, and much more.

I personally don’t care whether a (seemingly logically intelligent human being) decided to ingest booze of any kind.

But do you think the flashy advertisements only entice the less-desireables to come to our town and disrupt us?

Would marketing be best kept elsewhere? Like here on 411? Or in the hardly read alternative outlets?

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Really now, who makes local drinking decisions based on where we assume the bar owner spends the money? It’s not like the money is going in the hands of a state sponsored terrorist group or some similar subterfuge – who cares if the bar owner lives in Lyndhurst or something?


Most of the “bar owners” that I know don’t live in town..
Actually the majority of business owners in Hoboken live out of town…They spend diddly squat in Hoboken….
Like I said once before to H411 read the book, “The Carpetbaggers”…..


“(do the local bar owners spend their profits at local businesses? Or do they live out of town and take their money elsewhere?),”

Do you think The Cake Boss spends his money in town?


Bombs might be the only thing to give Coors Light any taste at all.


This sign tells me the following

Nothing wrong with $1 bombs at all. Just means more chances for a fight or 2 and an arrest or 2, and a grand or 2 in fines from the town that we can use to fix something that is broke, heck make boms all free, town could use the help