Hoboken Breakfast Nuggets – 12/30/2009


This will likely be the last “Nugget” installment for 2009 (don’t have any morning nuggety stories planned for tomorrow – yet…)


The Hoboken City Government is tired and weary

You ever hear the phrase “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going?”

Well, that phrase is not endorsed by the Hoboken City Administration (at least the elected / appointed ones).

City officials canceled the “special” council meeting tonight that was set up to address very important municipal issues. Another example of how the city is working round the clock with YOUR (inflated) TAX DOLLARS! If I was elected to office after the tax debacle we had – I’d be there DAY AND NIGHT, seven days a week until the problems were rectified. However, as you can see – the folks that you voted into office care more about their personal luxuries and casual time – than YOUR BOTTOM LINE. Remember that, OK?

One other note – City Hall will be closed on (regular business day) January 4th. Somehow, the cake-walk job of municipal government seeps into the new year. Whaaatever.

New Year’s Weather Watch!

I mentioned this earlier – but Meteorologists have been banging their heads numb as to what one complicated weather pattern will bring to the Northeast United States for New Year’s Eve. Forecast models have been wiffle waffling so badly – that not one single person knows exactly what will take place. Almost an unprecedented mystery weather system that has thrown all computer models off. We’ll know more later tonight and early tomorrow – but there’s a chance of great, mildly bad, and god awful weather in the next 72 hours. Haha!

But seriously stay tuned to 411 for any Mile Square related weather incidents. Because I’m on that like cheese on pizza! and proud of it!

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I agree with H411 100 per cent..!
These clowns, the council, are truly “The gang that couldn’t shoot straight”.
They are a bunch of phonies that care ONLY about their OWN well being and political future…But, we, the taxpayers,can complain all day and nite and Nothing will be resolved to please us…I’m bringing my next real estate tax payment in coins, I promise you..!!!
Speaking of Council Meetings, hey H411 do you have any pull with Cablevision, channel 78 ?
They have been running the Dec. 2 meeting for the last 3 weeks.
What about runnung the meeting of Dec. 16th ?