Adams Square WTF?

Are they overcharging unsuspecting customers who know nothing about Hoboken?

Description: Once nice rentals, now overpriced condos
Address: 501 Adams St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)795-0055
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FYI, I think Adams Square aka “The Castle” is fully owned with no sponsor related tenants now (ie. only people renting from individual owners not the developer).

Also, after Hurricane Irene, there was zero flooding of the lobby, courtyard, or garage. Maybe we just lucked out b/c I know that south Hoboken around 1st St. got hit hard. I came back the next day and honestly, other than the difficulty actually getting back into Hoboken, I really would not have been able to tell there was even a storm.

Personally, I really enjoy owning a place and living here. The other residents are fantastic, mostly young professionals 25-40 yrs. old. Everyone I have met so far is super nice. Lots of younger kids/babies and dogs. Garage parking for many units. Packages are delivered to either your doorstep or the mailroom so you don’t really need a doorman. The gym is modern and more than adequate for most. The park and library are just 2 short blocks away. Fiore’s (great sandwiches & mozz), pizza, liquor stores, and dry cleaning are all right across the street. 126 bus to NYC is one block away and comes all the time during peak hours. Washington St. is a 5 min. walk away. Also, the outside of the place kind of looks like a castle which I think is cool. Check it out for yourself! =)


Could any current/previous resident tell how Adams Square fared in a heavy rain storm like March 2010 or April 2007? Did the court yard or garage flood (accumulate a foot deep water) or did water enter into 1st floor unit? Thanks!

kooky kat

[quote comment=”127063″]the four 2 bdrms left were starting in the mid $400Ks up to the low $500Ks for all around 1000-1100 sq ft, although the sales office immediatly slashed $30K off the price of the unit we were interested in.. my guess is we can negotiable a little more. That price includes parking. The places we saw had two levels of rennovation – the places in the $400Ks didn’t have the granite counter tops or stainless steel appliances that the $500K units did, but I figure it would be cheaper to make those upgrades ourselves than to spend an extra $50K on purchase price. I wouldn’t exactly call Adams Square ‘luxury’ compared to other recent construction in hoboken (no central AC, w/d not included, etc) but it is in our price range – and the parking spot is a nice bonus.. Other places we’ve seen back on Madison and Monroe w/ parking with similar sq ft are still up in the $485/500K range[/quote] I don’t know that the new “luxury” condos flying up all over town are any better than this place. If you don’t mind living without the “creature comforts” that the “new” places might have, this building is wonderful. Every unit is different, the ceilings (on all but 5th floor) are high giving the illusion that the places are bigger, and most importantly, if you don’t want to hear what your neighbors are doing every moment of every single day – this could be the building for you.… Read more »


[quote comment=”127063″]I figure it would be cheaper to make those upgrades ourselves than to spend an extra $50K on purchase price.
Very good point. Actually you can get great deals on SS appliances, plus rebates which usually developers keep to themselves. Good luck man!


I live on 3rd & Adam and prior 8th & Adams, I don’t think noise is much of an issue.