female assaulted by father

1203 Washington St. People like this shouldn’t be allowed to have kids. At least if the kid didn’t do anything to deserve it. The 13 year old girl called this in. I can understand a little spanking when kids foul up, but what did this girl do to deserve a beating? If she did drugs or whored herself out, I can understand.

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Did she say exactly what it is her father did to her? Some kinds are downright vindictive, if he spanked her or even just pissed her off for some reason and she called it in just to be a little bitch, that would suck for the dad. If he beat the shit out of her…really…good for her then.

This is a tough call, I have friends with kids who are afraid to touch them or yell at them in “public” because you never know when someone is going to think in their eyes you’ve crossed a line. My parents spanked us, and we turned out just fine. People are such freaks about not disciplining their kids these days, the little monsters run around wreaking havoc!

Yet another reason to NEVER have kids!


I agree there is no fear in kids these days. makes u think twice about ever having kids.When i was growing up I feared my dad the most. All he had to was threathen the belt and I was scared shitless.
Good night everyone


You’d be surprised at what some of them at that age get themselves into–sad to say. But does anyone know the details of this situation? Parents can and do get frustrated but beating a kid to a pulp (how bad was the beating anyway?) is unacceptable. Interestingly enough, laws vary from state to state as to what is considered acceptable discipline for kids.


who the hell whores around at 13. maybe 16 or 17.