Congratulations Italy

For winning your fourth World Cup!

I’d reckon it was better for Italy to win, as it probably helped avoid a lot of police action.

Update: 5:11pm. Police action now required as a very large crowd has gathered outside of, yep you guessed it, Lounge 11. They’re now obstructing traffic with their joyous celebration.

Update: 5:48pm. The Hoboken Police have now ordered ALL vehicles still blowing their horns excessively to be issued noise complaint summonses. “The party is over” they said.

Update: 5:57pm. It seems this Italy victory is now turning Hoboken upside down.

  • Accident near PATH. Guys and a girl fell out of a pickup truck. Being transported to St. Mary’s now.
  • Huge disturbance on 8th and Washington. Police staff now being stretched thin with all the mayhem. Multiple vehicle stops.

Conclusion: Alcohol + heavy Italian community + Italy world cup victory = “INSANITY” (to directly quote a Hoboken Cop)
italy - Congratulations Italy

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Keep dreaming Timber!


I am sure they will really celebrate when Philadephia Eagles win the superbowl! 🙂


so stupid. I wonder if they would celebrate as much if the USA won the world cup?!


Viva Italia!

Thanks party people for not trashing town. I was at Morans which was thankfully quiet, someone even had thier baby in there with them.

The parade of revelers driving past the soccer club on 6th arround the corner were great. I wana know how they organized themselvs so quickly, it reminded me of a flash mob.