Merry Siberian Christmas!


Seasons Greetings!

Hoboken411 reader Melissa submitted this Christmas Photo of herself, Santa and her Siberian Husky Sheba.

And in response to the light-hearted post about “Huskies Wanted” to traverse the snow mounds blocking the intersections, she said “Regarding your comment on Huskies and the snow. I hope that folks don’t regard the comment seriously (in a trendy sort of way) and rush out and get Huskies, because this breed has specialized needs! Merry Christmas!”

Merry Siberian Huskie Christmas Hoboken

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Sheba is adorable, but she looks a little upset in the picture. Looks like she is a bit spooked out about Santa? When i was 19 i was the easter bunny at the ledgewood mall in roxbury. It was a pt college job and i got then $10 an hour. 1 day they had pet day and it did not go over well. I was attacked 2x, once by a rottweiler and once by an angry shitzu. Aside from the dogs, I had a few kids make a mess while sitting with me, not fun