Bush Bad, Obama Good?


More governmental hypocrisy!

A Hoboken411 reader found this nutty video on YouTube, which depicts a black boy apparently reading something another person (adult) wrote for him – “Ima try to get George W Bush to get out of that White House and put Barack Obama.” (starting at 7:25) – and mentions actually killing President Bush dozens of times! (not sure when this was created – probably 2008).

NSFW – profanity

“It looks at times like he’s reading something off camera. Regardless, whoever wrote what he might be reading has some serious problems.”

The hypocrisy in this whole situation, is because last week – a Federal court judge sentenced a Florida man (Nathan Wine, 21 years old) to three years in prison on Friday (December 18, 2009) for threatening to kill President Barack Obama in an e-mail (Nov. 5, 2008) that said “the blood of Obama will run down the streets.” and “I will not rest until this tyrant of America is gunned down,” and Wine said he would “not mind going behind bars for being a trigger man on this tyrant.”

Why’d they imprison Nathan Wine – and have done nothing about this video, or those that created it?

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