Ayame Hibachi & Sushi – NOW OPEN!

Hoboken Exclusive – Ayame Hibachi & Sushi!

The wait is over for the ONLY Hibachi Grill in all of Hoboken!

Opening today – is Ayame Hibachi & Sushi, which features a raw sushi bar, FIVE Hibachi tables (four that seat five, and one table that seats eight.)

Located at 526 Washington Street (formerly Frozen Money), and open seven days week. Features BYOB and delivery as well! Give them a ring at (201)222-8148!


Enjoy the new Hibachi Restaurant, and share your thoughts in the comments!

As noted previously, last I heard, this was the same owners as Aroma.

Ayame Sushi and Hibachi Grill Hoboken NJ - Ayame Hibachi & Sushi - NOW OPEN!

11/12/2010 Update:

First Hoboken Hibachi restaurant taking shape

Seems the like speculation here on Hoboken411 back in March 2010 is panning out.

Some substantial progress has been made at the former Frozen Monkey spot at 526 Washington Street, as you can now see the hibachi grills being installed.

Workers on scene said the new restaurant will house five hibachi grills – with seating for about 7 or 8 patrons each. Unsure if this new restaurant will open before year’s end.

Who’s excited for this?

Hibachi Restaurant coming soon to Hoboken NJ at old Frozen Monkey Location - Ayame Hibachi & Sushi - NOW OPEN!

3/25/2010 Update:

Hoboken’s First Hibachi Grill coming soon?

Word from people who’ve gotten a chance to see the plans for the new restaurant (rumored to be Aroma) – said that lots of work is going in to install hibachi grills (a la Benihana) in the place. This obviously would require much fire protection for the units above the street level space. I still wonder if the place might be too small for that kind of dining, but we’ll see.

Hopefully it’ll pan out – because hibachi-style dining has long been requested in Hoboken!

Hibachi Restaurant coming to Hoboken NJ 526 Washington Street - Ayame Hibachi & Sushi - NOW OPEN!

3/11/2010 Update:

Aroma Chinese rumored to be moving

Oh boy! The second “word on the street is…” post today!

I overheard that it’s NOT Windmill Hot Dogs and Hamburgers coming to the old Frozen Monkey Location at 526 Washington Street – but rather Aroma Chinese (which is currently located at 318 Washington).

There have been some issues with Aroma in the past week or two – not sure if they’re structural, or landlord issues – just telling you guys what I heard! The “Real Estate Wheel of Fortune” spins pretty quick in Hoboken these days!

Aroma Chinese moving to Frozen Monkey Hoboken NJ - Ayame Hibachi & Sushi - NOW OPEN!

1/12/2010 Update:

Is Windmill finally coming to Hoboken?

This week – the Frozen Monkey mysteriously put up brown paper in the windows, along with a sign that said “Under Renovation.”

Sources on the street mentioned that this isn’t a renovation, but rather the Windmill Hot Dog & Hamburger place taking over. While I was unable to confirm (yet), my informant seemed to be pretty sure of it… anyone know for sure?

Frozen Monkey Hoboken NJ Closed to become Windmill Hamburgers and Hot Dogs - Ayame Hibachi & Sushi - NOW OPEN!


Taken from comments in a previous article, it appears as if Frozen Money is for sale. According to this Liberty Realty listing, it’s on the block for $350,000.

Some of the reader comments included:

  • “The owner was sick and tired of the screaming brats”
  • “Poor service and bad attitude”
  • “Wow! For 350k there better be a long lease and low rent!”

Description – coffee, snacks and ice cream
Website –
Address –
526 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone –
(201) 222-1311

frozen%20monkey - Ayame Hibachi & Sushi - NOW OPEN!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011 4:36 pm

t-minus 10 days until we get the first email from someone complaining that little Skyler was scolded for trying to touch the hot grill top.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011 4:06 pm

I plan to give this place a try – I love Japanese food! At some Hibachi places I’ve visited, the cramped seating arrangements and acoustics make the experience less pleasant. Hopefully this is an exception.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011 3:41 pm

I may leave work early today to try it. Thanks for the update, 411!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011 7:23 pm

In process of getting Historical Permit to change windows in front of store. Who knew we had such a committee? What is historical about glass, look at all the little lamps in front of the store signs. The grills are in and the kitchen built, when the stop work order was slapped on the door and the plywood put in front.

Friday, March 26, 2010 3:29 pm

What’s the problem here? This hibachi idea is totally in keeping with Hoboken’s “style over substance” motif.

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