Holy Wall of Delivery Trucks!


God bless the delivery men of our expedited freight carriers!

Not only do they help us save money by shopping online – they also provide relief from the parking and shopping malls!

Claustrophobia anyone?

Walking around yesterday, I started getting heart palpitations when I approached this ominous wall of UPS trucks at the intersection of 10th and Clinton. Not seen in the photo was five (yes 5) more trucks nearby. My guess is they were enjoying lunch at El Flamboyan.

Holiday Delivery Trucks in Hoboken NJ UPS Clinton Street 10th - Holy Wall of Delivery Trucks!

Potpourri of Shippers!

Hoboken411 reader Rory chimes in once again with a timely photo – “Fedex Ground , Fedex Express and UPS all at the same corner of 5th and Adams. Someone here is getting lots of gifts!!”

Fedex UPS delivery trucks in Hoboken NJ - Holy Wall of Delivery Trucks!

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