Hoboken Breakfast Nuggets 12/23/2009


Besides the “big” news that HUMC Hospital got some cash to play with – what other little nuggets do we have to digest this morning?


Stevens’ Hal Raveche on the ropes

In case you missed the story yesterday (because I published two stories at the exact same time – doh!) – The heat seems to be turned up on Stevens Institute of Technology President Hal Raveche, who you read previously is in some hot water with the State Attorney General Anne Milgram. With the IRS involved, folks are wondering how the “endowment fund” lost so much money! The NY Times dove into the story…

What’s up, Hal?

NJ Bond Ratings in the toilet!

NJ Bond Rating is terrible New Jersey

This just can’t be good for anyone (including City Hall) short-term!

“Bond ratings of New Jersey towns and cities are being reduced faster than in any other state as property values slide 11 percent and Governor Jon Corzine lowers municipal aid to cope with a $1 billion budget deficit. Corzine, a one-term Democrat who was defeated for re- election last month by Republican Christopher Christie, in 2007 signed a law prohibiting municipalities from raising the amount generated through property taxes by more than 4 percent annually. He cut municipal aid by $60.5 million in his $29 billion budget for the fiscal year that began July 1.

New Jersey has 566 municipalities and almost 600 school districts with the power to levy taxes or borrow. More than 1,900 separate government entities, authorities and special bodies are authorized to issue debt or set taxes and fees, according to state Comptroller Matthew Boxer.”

Full Story.

Zimmer steps aside as Mayor!

Appoints Hoboken’s FOURTH Mayor of 2009!

Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer Appoints Jimmy Farina Acting Mayor while she skips town

How often does a municipality have FOUR Mayors in one calendar year? In the final act of “Musical Mayors,” current Mayor Zimmer appointed City Clerk Jimmy Farina to be acting Mayor from December 24th through the end of 2009, while she skips town for unknown reasons.

Do you think Farina can reduce taxes 25% in one week? Doesn’t seem like a stretch to me!

Enjoy your day – much more to come today on Hoboken411!

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Lighten up Stella. If you can’t see the humor in the fact that we have our 4th Mayor for the year, then you and Dawn Roberts should both stay out of politics.

I also take issue with you saying she is “entitled” to a vacation. A sense of entitlement is what got this town in it’s current mess. Based on Zimmer’s inflated salary which puts her way out of her pay scale, her 6 months in the Mayor’s seat, and her non-delivery of Hoboken’s fiscal necessities, she certainly HASN’T EARNED a vacation.

In a the private sector, this kind of performance would EARN Zimmer a very long vacation, called unemployment.


Come on Perry.

She will be gone 8 days. If this turns out to be a family emergency or Gods forbid the a dying parent or something will you bash her for attending to that.

She is going to be gone for 8 days and picked someone to deal with emergencies in that time frame.

What have other majors done when they go on vacation or that big municiple party?