Man taking pictures of children

Concerned parents have called in a male at Pier A who was taking pictures of children there. He was wearing a blue shirt, khaki shorts and a fishing hat. Was carrying some kind of book as well. They asked him if he had any children and he said no and that it was his “hobby”. He’s now walking north bound on River St.

They thought it was strange that he was doing this. Is this a possible child predator? or a true hobby?

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Sh*t I thought this was about me!
During the Munchkin parade, I went out with my camera to take some cool pictures of kids in their costumes. The very first bitc… mother I asked permission from looked me up and down like I was a pervert, put on her most bitchy bitch voice, and said “i don’t THINK so” like I asked her 6 month old ugly baby out on a date. That pretty much blew me away, and I stopped asking permission. I got some awesome shots of ladybugs, cows, devils, ballerinas, and I DID get a good shot of that ugly-ass baby anyway.
I’m not a pervert btw.
You know what’s really perverted? There’s this mommy with her kid in Starbucks. The kid is maybe 3. The kid is playing on the stairs. The mommy keeps saying, “Adan, that’s not a good choice”, “Adan, do you think that’s a good choice?”, “Adan, mommy doesn’t think you have made a good choice, what do you think” Now THAT’S sick.


maybe he was just taking pictures to post on this site


I would let FAP take a picture of my dog. he is a nice guy


This all crazy talk