The V Spot Nail Spa – 159 14th Street

The V Spot set to open soon on 14th St. in Hoboken

Wow – this nail salon has been in the works for close to a year (is it that hard to install some chairs and buy nail polish these days?)

But I spoke with the owner the other day – and she said that they’re set to open, and hope to be ready for business on June 16th. That should be good news for ladies (and guys) uptown who don’t want to walk more than a few feet to get their precious digits pampered.

The V Spot Nail Spa Hoboken NJ 14th Street - The V Spot Nail Spa - 159 14th Street

Description: Nail Salon
Address: 159 14th Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)683-8760

Nail Salon to fill part of old La Scala spot on 14th Street in Hoboken

7/21/2011 Update:

Last summer, we asked “what next?” for this uptown Hoboken location. Well, “The V Spot” nail spa is coming soon to 159 14th Street. This is the old La Scala restaurant spot that burnt to a crisp back over five years ago in 2006 (see those dramatic photos after the jump… Yeah, 411 has THAT much historical data now, suckers!)

Talking about nail salons in Hoboken for as long as we have here on Hoboken411, it’s so run-of-the mill, shrugging your shoulders is the best suggestion I can come up with.

However, I am curious about this salon name. What are they talking about when they say “V Spot?” Are they trying to be cute and make it sound like “G Spot?” And what does that have to do with your fingers and toes? Maybe making the peace symbol with your hand? Today’s Hoboken Puzzle of the Day.

The V Spot Nail Spa Hoboken NJ 159 14th Street July 2011 Progress Coming Soon - The V Spot Nail Spa - 159 14th Street

Once “The V Spot” officially opens, I’ll create a separate entry for them with cute photos of happy employees.


What does uptown Hoboken need?

As you might recall, a blazing fire victimized the building where the old La Scala Italian Restaurant once was (see photos from the 2006 inferno after the jump.)

Over four years later – and snails-pace construction progress – a “for rent” sign has appeared at 159 14th Street.

Knowing what Hoboken has now, what works, what doesn’t, and what we have too much of -what kind of establishment would have to open at this spot to:

  1. Be successful
  2. Make Hoboken residents happy?

La Scala Restaurant Hoboken NJ what should come next - The V Spot Nail Spa - 159 14th Street

1/31/2008 Update:

Little did I know by publishing a status update of the La Scala fire that it would bring angry ex-tenants out of the woodwork to tell their stories of financial ruin.

Here’s what one owner of a 2BR/2Ba unit of that building had to say. A sucky story if you ask me!:

“First off the building insurance paid about $160K for $800K worth of damage so we have been assessed the difference which one owner (the original developer Moshe Hopstein) who owns 3-4 units (I think he gave 1 to a partner Asher Parness) 40% of the building hasn’t paid.

We did not receive the 160K until March 2007 nearly 9 months later. We have a court case against our insurance company Seneca and our lawyer is moving very slowly. The lawyer takes 33% plus expenses and the management company Realty Express LaBarbera hired North Jersey Public Adjusters without consulting us first will take 10% of any recovered amount (and of the 160K).

P1020152 - The V Spot Nail Spa - 159 14th Street

We hired an Architect James Mcneight to draw plans which he has already since he was the original architect when the building went condo and he took over 6 months to get us a permit after giving us lies that he brought plans to the building department when he did not. The contractor Harry Seymour seems ready to work but after getting a hard time from the architect and the town to get permits has not received any guidance from Hopstein/Parness who’s unit has the majority of damage. Also none of the owners and Realty Express seem to care about what is happening and try to push things along (except me) RELB continues to collect there monthly management fee. It has taken more than a month just to deiced on a paint color for the building and it hasn’t been picked yet. Meanwhile I paid the highest price in the building lost my roommate who was paying me rent (and after the assessment) will be lucky to break even while I continue to make my mortgage payments and had to move in with my girlfriend because I can’t afford another place to live.

Due to the many lies that things were going to be finished faster I did not walk away and give the place up in foreclosure (I wish I did). This entire incident has ruined and continues to ruin me financially.

What a crappy story indeed!

1/25/2008 Update:

It’s been over 570 days since the fire destroyed the building at 159 14th St. (the old La Scala restaurant.) I remember the day well, and arrived shortly after the FD. You could feel the heat from 100 feet away.

I walk by here often, and keep forgetting to snap a picture to note that work has been going on for a while to restore the gutted building. It’s a craptastic picture, but taken just for the record!

Wonder what it’ll be next?

la scala hoboken renovation begins after fire 18 months ago copy2 - The V Spot Nail Spa - 159 14th Street

See many more pictures of the fire after the jump.

Today at approximately 9:03am a fire was reported at 159 14th Street above La Scala Restaurant. Firefigthers arrived a little after 9:10am. Took about 30 minutes to get under control. Most Hoboken Sqauds reported.

No significant injuries except a firefighter hurt his hand opening a door.

Cause unknown as of today. The building is toast and all residents in the eight-unit structure are forced to find somewhere else to live (at least for the time being).

P1020153 - The V Spot Nail Spa - 159 14th Street
P1020149 - The V Spot Nail Spa - 159 14th Street
P1020144 - The V Spot Nail Spa - 159 14th Street
P1020145 - The V Spot Nail Spa - 159 14th Street
P1020151 - The V Spot Nail Spa - 159 14th Street
P1020157 - The V Spot Nail Spa - 159 14th Street
P1020159 - The V Spot Nail Spa - 159 14th Street

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Thursday, July 19, 2012 10:36 am

Oh and BTW, they do take walk-ins, I walked right in and they have 2 nail technicians.

Thursday, July 19, 2012 10:35 am

I have seen the coming soon sign for quite some time, so I recently stopped in for a manicure & pedicure. I must say that the ambiance and decor in this place is phenomenal. This is the type of place that was needed in uptown. I have been living here for 4 years now and I have also visited many salons. As modern day working women and mothers we look to pamper ourselves. I feel as though most places rush you in and out with mediocre service. Well not here. The owner was more than pleasant. Gave me information on new things happening in Hoboken and even old stories of growing up in Hoboken. It felt exactly as what she was bringing to the table, hanging out in a girlfriends home. My manicurist was wonderful, took her time and gave me the best massage ever. They use natural products as well including a hot stone massage, for $45. You can’t beat that. This will no doubt be my new spot!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012 3:20 pm

O also, they do not take walk-ins. they only have one working employee.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012 3:19 pm

I came here for a manicure and everyone was really nice. The manicure was your average manicure that you would get at any other nail salon. I think I have been to just about every nail salon in Hoboken. I almost shit my pants when they told me $20 for a regular manicure. This place is not going last in Hoboken charging $20 for a regular manicure!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012 5:36 pm

I think the V stands for Vivian, the nail salon owner. She’s really a doll. My mom and I were coming out of our building and ran into her and started talking. She invited us in – its lovely inside – instead of feeling like you’re at a salon, you feel like you’re in someone’s home. She mentioned that eventually she would like to fix up the yard and people could have coffee & tea out there while they’re waiting. I wish her much success. It will be wonderful to see a successful business there once again.

But what’s the story with the adjacent kitchen design store? There seems to be little if any activity in there.

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