Will we ever get more parks?

Midtownpark.gifEthicists differ on the question of our master plan. A moral absolutist might say that changing the original plan is always wrong. A moral relativist would believe that, well, maybe there are situations in which making changes to the plan is permissible. A utilitarian would look at the benefits and costs of changing the plan, and make a judgment based on those. And a certain kind of politician just says screw you all, I’m changing the plan as I want and if you don’t like it, you know what you can bite.

We’re not here to arbitrate between these positions. Yet.

Take a look below to see what the original Hoboken Master Plan had in store for new parks. Will they ever come through on their promises?

Read more at www.hobokenparks.org.

The original plan:
All hoboken parks.gifDowntownparks.gif1600parkpark.gif

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So what happened last night?


What am I, an elephant? Am I suppoased to remember everything? I left my cell phone in a cab this morning after all that shit about the stolen sidekick (Got it back, thanks India Way!) because my brain was elsewhere. Politics are imortant to me but so are othr things. I don’t let myself get consumed with one thing, I spread myself out so I’m more well rounded and learnerd. Right now my brain is centered on more important things, like not hearing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi or President Hillary Clinton and figuring out who’s running next term for Hoboken.

The past is exactly that, the past, I focus on the future. I agree with you that people should vote more, I’ve spoken to people my age and asked them why they don’t and I’ve gotten varying resposes, it’s not just the 20 somethings either. Hoboken is a pegorativly (sp?) transiant town and people feel no need to register and vote because they are not putting down roots here.

kooky kat

“Were you at thr polls religiously when you were in your 20’s?”


I do plenty, if you can’t remember a year ago why you didn’t vote for Marsh over Roberts, then you shouldn’t be allowed to vote.


kook, don’t generalize about 20 somethings, makes you look like, well, a kook! If you want support from people my age, instead of calling us idiots you could suggest some places that we could go. If your so into flyer passing out, which I have always found to be a huge waist of resources, then oranize your own party. I allready do some stuff here in town but I keep that part of my life private.

Stop bitching and do something about it. God… Have you ever once sat down with a dreaded 20 something to discuss why they don’t vote and shit like that? Have you tried finding a group on them in thier natural habitat and discussing this with them? Were you at thr polls religiously when you were in your 20’s?

FAP, I know I was scammed, I originally wanted Russo that way I kew what I was getting. I don’t know why not Carol Marsh, I had my reasons back hen, forgot them though, I’m using that part of my brain to do something else now.


Jenni he doesn’t need your vote. He has his pension locked in and he sees how the political winds are blowing so he’s doing all he can for his constituents (read developers) for a payoff later.

In short you were scammed and there’s nothing you can do about it.

BTW why the hell did you vote for him instead of Marsh?