Retro Videos: Infomercials!


Last week wasn’t enough for the “classic” retro videos of days past – so I’ll continue the series into this week!

They never had infomercials about infomercials!

Face it – the “secret” these guys had for making money wasn’t their fruity collection of so-called valuable information – it was the dang infomercial scams themselves!

First one is what they called the “Vietnamese Pimp,” Real Estate flipper Tom Vu. Get a load of some of the “profits” touted in this commercial.

Next was this hyperactive and repetitive tool Don Lapre – who convinced many folks to place “tiny classified ads” in thousands of newspapers. He had a good idea while the print industry still had life. His target audience was perfect, lonely losers who lived in their own one-bedroom apartments watching this guy late at night!

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