Keeping your children safe in the parks

A reader was kind enough to send this information along. It is very important to keep your children safe and to alert as many people as possible of any potential threats to their safety. From the sound of it, this may be a possible child predator. So read on and be aware! I hope to NEVER have to report a crime of this type in Hoboken.

Hi, just wanted to share an incident that happened that past thursday, June 15th in Church Square Park @ 4th and Park in Hoboken.

My good friend Tammy was with her kids after school in the park. She said the park was packed with kids and she was standing close by her three year old by the monkey bars. She noticed a man in running shorts, tee shirt and bandana/sweat band around his head (bald) come over to the monkey bars and start to stretch on the bars. She thought this was odd immediately and continued to keep an eye on him. This man then started to speak to a little girl who was playing there. He asked the little girl if she remembered him. The girl said she remembered meeting him last week when I was here with my class and said his name and he in return said and I remember your name. Tammy said his voice sounded odd, like he was trying to make it sound nice and sweet and kept engaging the girl in conversation asking if she liked tic tac toe and other things as he did stretches and then chin-ups on the monkey bars. And the little girl kept talking back to him. Tammy was also looking around to see if anyone that may be this child’s parent or caregiver was paying attention and knew this man. Finally the man asked the little girl where her mother was and the little girl pointed and the man said “way over there?”

Tammy then picked up her child and went over to the bench where the girl had pointed and said very loudly “Is anyone here with the little girl in the tan skirt and tee shirt because she is talking to some man….?”

A woman jumped up and said “that is my daughter and we do not know that man.” The man heard what Tammy was doing and got nervous and left immediately. It turns out that the man had approached the little girl before the previous week when she was out in the park with her school class. She is five years old and attends kindergarden at Calabro in Hoboken.

Tammy called the police when she got home. She was not sure how the mother proceeded, but Tammy was sure to alert the security at her children’s school (Elysian Charter) and there was police at every corner of that park the next day.

Anyway, like I said Tammy is a good friend and I had her go over the story a few times so I could give very accurate information and she feels, and after hearing her accounts and knowing her character I also feel that this was defintely a predator. Thankfully she was close by and went with her instincts or the end result could have been very different.

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Not unless your talking about Michael Jackson, fallon…


wow, i have a pretty twisted sense of humour but pedophilia… ehh.. its not really funny. i dont know, something about molestation and rape of children, it’s hard to make those kind of things funny.


It takes a village to raise a child and never was that more evident than in these times. Keep watch over the little ones (not just your own), pervs are moving into this area too.

El Hefe
El Hefe

10pm? That’s just sad.


Whats wrong with posting at 10pm? I freely admit I have no life right now and I need to check this before I go to bed.

Yes, I know it’s 4am, got lost in finishing my book, which is Scarlett coincedentially.