Hoboken has cool squirrels


Not sure why I’m fascinated with Squirrels. I think I just like the name. Whatever the case, I’m going to trick my pet squirrel into going fishing like this guy did!

8/11/06 update:

My little neighbor has come back for a short visit. He even sleeps in an empty flower pot as well. (that thing you see in there is a cover of an old HP PC that melted when the hard drive short circuited.)
squirrel napping1 - Hoboken has cool squirrels

squirrel napping 2 - Hoboken has cool squirrels
squirrel in pot - Hoboken has cool squirrels

Not sure about you, but I find squirrels kind of interesting. No, I’m not going nuts.

But take a look at a few furry creatures I’ve come across..

Here you have a squirrel that was cunning enough to grab this empty jar of Skippy peanut butter out of someone’s trash on Park Ave. near 13th St.. He took it to the tree and is gnawing the lid off so he can get to whatever’s left inside!

See more below

Squirrel%20tree%20Skippy - Hoboken has cool squirrels

I’ve also had Squirrel squatters living on my fire escape. I’m not sure it’s the one from last year (his name was Earl). But they live in this dead mini xmas tree I have there.

Here’s the critter from last year. He was chilled out, even taking naps!!
Squrrel%20july%202005 - Hoboken has cool squirrels
Squirrel%20sleeping%20July%202005 - Hoboken has cool squirrels

And my new tenant (I think). I’m gonna feed these guys too.
Squirrel%20june%202006 - Hoboken has cool squirrels
Squirrel%20june%202006%202 - Hoboken has cool squirrels

But I’m worried that if there’s ever a fire, and I need to use the fire escape, I’ll startle them and they’ll claw my eyes out. That wouldn’t be good!

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tama how would you like it if someone tainted your feed

Tama Murden

They’re surely cute & clever, but often rabid & destructive. I know of someone in town who befriended one on her fire escape, only to get bitten & have to go through the painful series of shots for rabies.

One approach might be to do what Bryant Park did, after it’s big restoration, to manage the pidgeon population—put sterilization in the feed. Much more humane.


[quote comment=”31861″]i’m with frink. i hate those little rat b@stards. … gotta be like a sniper and pop them from back in the room a bit.[/quote]

This solution is PETA approved:

It’s the red/green dual illumination duplex reticle and laser/flashlight combo that makes the humane difference.

strand tramp
strand tramp

i’m with frink. i hate those little rat b@stards. we had a real squirrel problem in our condo bldg 2 yrs ago. cause thousands of dollars of damage. and then the exterminator bills too. most licensed exterminators do squirrel removal. the funny thing is that they are required to use live-catch traps rather than the poison they use for mice and rats. i guess because they have a more attractive tail. they pulled 5 out of our building over 2 weeks. i wanted to drown them in the river but the guy wouldn’t give them to me. the BB gun is the real answer, but my windows face the street. you need the rear facing windows and you gotta be REAL careful because some jackass neighbor will call the cops on you if you get caught shooting a squirrel. i think as long as you don’t stick the barrel out the window and they don’t have a pic of you aiming then you should be ok. gotta be like a sniper and pop them from back in the room a bit. and make sure you get a clean kill. you don’t want a slow death with the f’n thing making a bunch of racket for 20 mins while it dies…good hunting!


[quote comment=”10409″]…mangy alley cats all sitting in a yard or along a fence, meowing and fighting each other… [/quote]

Is the alpha-cat yellow in color and wearing a snappy vest with a straw boater hat? Do the other cats have namees like Choo Choo, Benny the Ball, Spook and Brian? Might be time to call in Officer Dibble…