Hurry up and do something, Mr. Toll!


We all know that the massive Toll Brothers Real Estate project “Maxwell Place” along the Hudson has had it’s share of impact on the Mile Square.

From new businesses, new parks, and hundreds of new residents to complaints about zoning, building height, and architectural design, the development has certainly given us a lot to talk about over the past few years.

maxwell place sidewalk hoboken nj near starbucks 1 - Hurry up and do something, Mr. Toll!

Clean up your act already!

Well, one Hoboken411 reader and Maxwell Place resident is getting a bit sick and tired of the blob of undeveloped land to the west of the site, and wants Toll Brothers to do something about it ASAP:

“What’s the deal with future construction sites next to Maxwell Place? We all know that construction is not starting anytime soon. So, why has the City allowed Toll to keep the street and sidewalk closed?

The west bound lane for 11th Street is closed and Maxwell Lane is supposed to be 2 way and only 1 way is open. No sidewalk on 12th street is a big inconvenience and there should be sidewalks on Maxwell Lane and 11th street. I can understand that for some time during construction, some closure will be necessary. But the existing buildings have been complete for over 1 1/2 years and no construction is going to happen for the near future. How do these streets and sidewalks get open?

Project over-hyped?

The reader went on to say how dissatisfied they’ve been since they bought into Toll’s promises:

“I unfortunately went under contract for my unit a couple years ago. I say unfortunately, because a friend of mine heard that I was looking at Maxwell and advised, a month too late, that I should not buy in a Toll project. But, he was one month late. I began to have my doubts about 1125 Maxwell in summer 2008, as it neared completion, and began asking questions. The bottom line is that from last summer to the time I closed in 2009, I never got the same answers to questions asked of different Toll people. So here I am several months later and have to say that this place is nowhere near the hype that it was supposed to be. What a shame to take such a great location to develop a housing project.

Anyway, Toll has about another 110 units to sell just at Maxwell, plus many at Hudson Tea. The condo market is hurting all over the NYC metropolitan area. No developer is coming out of the ground soon with any condo development. I think that it was in last Sundays NY Times or the Sunday before about the several developers in the metro area that were losing their projects. So, there is no doubt in my mind that Toll is stringing everyone along with their false start announcements.

The City should hold Toll accountable for the way Toll has us living next to a dump, with missing sidewalks and closed streets. If they are really going to start construction soon, they should be fined if they don’t. If they don’t start soon, Toll needs to give back the sidewalks and streets!”

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009 3:59 pm

Here here!! That lot of land is indeed a DUMP… could be a nice park or common area of some kind.

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