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We’re supposed to have a really hot and nice weekend, and whether you chose to be at the shore the whole time, or kicking it locally, here’s something fun you might be interested in doing when it’s all over.

It’s called Hoboken Comedy Night, and it’s really fun!

It’s basically a night of chillin in a comfy place, drinking beers, kickin back, drinking beers, laughing and of course, drinking beers.

Here’s the info:

Hoboken Comedy Night is free, fun, and freakin great!
Hosted by Heather Fink @ The Goldhawk on 10th and Park in Hoboken.

No Cover or Drink Minimum!

Next Show is Sunday, June 18 @ 8:00PM:


Dave Hill www.davehillonline.com
Jacqueline Novak http://www.myspace.com/jncomic
Baron Vaughn http://www.baronvaughn.com/
Jennifer Dziura http://www.jenisfamous.com/
DC Pierson http://www.dcpierson.com/
Carlen Altman http://www.myspace.com/toiletime

PS, Heather Fink also has a blog in Hoboken. Check it out HERE.

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Yay! Another Hoboken Comedy Night is August 13:


8 PM
free and nice inside

Featuring: Luke Cunningham, Dominic Dierkes, Jonathan Rich, Pat Breslin, Brad Trechak, Eric Andre and Frowned Upon
Hosted by Heather Fink


LAST Comedy NIGHT of the summer!


It’s ok. I don’t hate you. I am a cunt too, it’s just- I mean for fuck’s sake, it’s hard enough getting on that stage, and then putting on a free show that you don’t get any money from and busting ass to put it on, I mean give me a freakin break please.


I am too hungover to deal with this right now, mabye later when I feel like a human and my head stops spinning.

kooky kat

If the show was anywhere near as entertaining as this spat, I will have to try and make it in some day.

I love the “c” word. I really don’t get why it is so offensive, John Travolta used it all the time in Saturday Night Fever.


I dropped the cuntbomb cause it’s a really fun bomb to drop. Don’t take it too seriously. I just think it’s weird to come down this harshly on a new little free show. It ain’t no fancy pants city club. I am just saying, with comedy, it’s really going to be good for some, not for all, and I am ok with that.

The camera crew has nothing to do with me promoting myself. I have a deal with a reality show, and I can’t discuss it publicly. They’ve been following me around, that’s all. And I don’t know how I could make something “all about Heather”. I mean damn girl, I am on the stage, that tends to happen when a spotlight is on you. After the show people come up and talk to me- it’s natural. I don’t see it as anything out of the ordinary. There’s one host of the show and that’s me. Do you understand what a host is and what they do? Have you seen a comedy show of this nature before- at a Mo Pitkens or Rififi? It’s pretty standard fare.