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Hoboken411 reader Miles sent in this picture of an old plaque at Stevens Park, dedicated to a fallen Hoboken soldier during World War I.

Hoboken411 reader photo of the day – 12/2/2009

“Since so many people are in a rush these days, or consumed by their latest gadgets, I thought your readers might be interested in seeing this living memorial along Hudson Street. The plaque reads:

In Memoriam: Corporate Arthur M. Duffy. Co. L. 23rd U.S. Infantry
Born Oct., 17th, 1900, enlisted July 16th, 1917. This tree was planted as a living memorial to the second soldier from this city who was killed in action at Vaux, near Chateau Thierry, France, June 19th, 1918. Corporal Arthur Duffy Auxiliary No. 158 Veterans of foreign wars.

I was wondering if this Duffy had any relation to the Duffy’s Bar on 3rd and Bloomfield? Would anyone know?”


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if you LOVE Hoboken history, go to a long read and see it @ and follow the compass. I am M.A. O’Brien, the author and researcher. There are two FULL books
on it including our “wars” and some of the heroes and villians.

The second book (sanctioned by the GOVERNMENT of HOLLAND) shows
our FIRST RESIDENTS and how our town was really names by the QUAKERS who fought for “HOBOKEN’ by vote. CHECK IT OUT..


I have pictures of our “doughboys” sitting in trenches with their Machine guns, and copies of other plaques and battles involving HOBOKEN soldiers. War is SAD and HOBOKEN did more than it’s share! I did the research for the Viet-Nam memorial and the World War 2 memorial here, and provided the VETS with the names and information, and suggestions for the DEDICATIONS.. I have recently found MORE which will surprise even the Vets this year, and will be presenting it all to them at their next meeting.


The full story…The entire German army had amassed “secretly” and taken a different path to “take” PARIS. General “Black-Jack” Pershing heard about it and split 30 THOUSAND troops, from Australia, France and US into two groups to hold them off until air power could be garnered. The German artillery was set up in the woods and well camouflaged at the base of the trees.
The river there was too deep to forge, so in order to cross to Paris THREE BRIDGES had to be crossed. Our army blew up two, and the third was held by the THIRD ARMY for a couple of months. SEVEN THOUSAND of our guys and French soldiers died there and there is a plaque to them at THIERRE. THE first move our men made was to take the tree line away from the GERMANS
and turn their own machine guns back on them. Many of them surrendered and PARIS was saved by a combination of our guys and the French soldiers. There are plaques and burial fields all over France dedicated to our guys, but this BATTLE was the one that “saved” Paris. PRIVATE DUFFY 18 years old FROM HOBOKEN
and only in the ARMY for a year was among the first casualties.
He was the SECOND casualty from HOBOKEN, the other one has a more vivid and personal story, which I also have….and many others…look at
and see one of the plaques dedicated to this part of the war.


I’ve stopped to read that plaque many times over the years and often wondered about Corporal Duffy. I’ve taken many photos of it also. I was looking at it just the other day.


Edit your post… the plaque reads “Corporate Arthur M. Duffy”? Maybe “Corporal”. 🙂