Parking offender next to City Hall


Even next to the lawmakers!

No matter how hard you may try to prevent it, folks desperate to park (or in this case “stand”) close to their home will do anything – including blocking crosswalks and ignoring parking bollards!

Spotted this lady blatantly refusing to follow the (once) bright parking intrusions at the corner of Newark and Bloomfield – under the noses of those that creating this so-called “safety measure.” In fact, the woman left her kids in the car while she walked a block down the street to her apartment.

Instead of parking “sticks,” we really ought to use those curb bumps like the ones done properly over by the Monroe Center and other areas of town.

Knowing our feckless drivers, they’ll find a way to park on the sidewalk too!

blatant parking violator in front of city hall hoboken nj newark and bloomfield - Parking offender next to City Hall

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Have the cake boss cover the car in fondont and modeling chocolate 🙂


Good idea as far as it goes, but it could really be special if they used an electro-magnetic crane to put it on the front of the roof of city hall first. Dress the kids in the car in biblical garb and make it a nativity.

In response to midtownauthentic who said:

Have the cake boss cover the car in fondont and modeling chocolate 🙂