Week in Review 6/12/2006

We’ll have many more reviews this week, but in meanwhile, what happened in the past TWO weeks?

  • Car hits Motorcycle
    This caused quite a stir. Whose fault was it?
  • Girls Fight Back
    The grand opening of this excellent and much needed self-defense studio!
  • Hoboken411 now mapping crimes
    A new perspective on the crimes happening in our town
  • Venue became a victim of doom
    Most found it over-priced and out of place, while others felt sad it has closed
  • Crema Lita will become a realtor
    The surprise has knocked us all off our chairs
  • Riviera Bakery to morph into Mortgage Bank
    The surprise has knocked us all off our chairs (is there an echo in here?)
  • Buskers, Liberty Bar, Satay Malaysian, Biggies, Saladworks, and more were reviewed
    This eating is getting to us
  • Shades of Hoboken
    A restaurant many people think will fail, but we wish them the best of luck

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