Did you shop on Black Friday?


Was Black Friday a success?

Spent a good part of Thanksgiving weekend in various parts of New Jersey – and based on my observations, the “mad rush” to shop till you drop wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be. Malls had less people, as well as less action at downtown shopping districts in Hoboken and other cities in NJ.

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What about “Cyber Monday?”

A few years ago, the big online giants started their own big shopping promotions, such as Amazon.com’s Cyber Monday Deals today. I checked it out and saw some products that were reduced quite a bit. There are deals that pop up every hour, etc. Check it out – and help support 411!


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Recession or not, I would only venture into a mall on Black Friday if I was spending someone else’s money and had a fistful of valium.


The whole black friday mania was overhyped. I think that in today’s economy people realize the need to cut back on excessive shopping and remember the essentials.