Malibu Diner sign may still be available!

3/29/2010 Update:

Malibu Sign deal sorta fell through…

The owner of the old Malibu Diner sign emailed 411 this past weekend, indicating that the “winning bidder” of the sign hasn’t picked it up yet (and may never). So he’s considering refunding the person’s money – and putting it up for sale again. This time, with the proceeds possibly going to charity, or some more local event than a broad eBay type auction.

Have any suggestions for this? What cause would be a good match?


Piece of Hoboken for Sale

Was browsing eBay recently for some cool Christmas gift ideas – and stumbled across this Malibu Diner sign (auction ends a little after 2pm-ish today!) So hurry and get bidding, the last bid I saw was $50.00!

Frankly, I think it’s a truly UGLY sign, which is why I suspect Malibu Diner changed it. But for retro collectors who already have garbage and signs of yesteryear, it might not be a bad addition.

malibu diner sign for sale ebay hoboken nj - Malibu Diner sign may still be available!

Historic Malibu Diner sign could be yours!

“This is the ORIGINAL Malibu Diner in Hoboken sign – I got it from the Diner after they put up their new sign a couple years ago. It is 4′ x 8′ – it’s huge but easy to hang up on your wall with nails… great for a big kitchen wall or garage. This is a piece of Hoboken History! It is used so there is some wear/dirt on it and a little chipping around the edges… The sign is a plastic material and can bend slightly, so you can transport it by truck or van… or just carry it (not too heavy for one person) This is available for local pickup only in HOBOKEN, NJ. I’ll arrange pickup with winning bidder. Any questions at all – just let me know! Diners Street signs Road signs historic Here’s a photo of the sign in action…


In other Hoboken eBay news…

Seems like Buddy Valestro’s Cake Boss fame has even reached the alleyways of eBay as well!

This auction for a inkjet piece of paper with Carlo’s City Hall Bake Shop printed on it, along with Buddy’s signature sold for a whopping $9.95 back in November.

Hey, a business plan idea: Have buddy sign 2 reams of paper, and make 10 grand!

cake boss buddy valestro signature for sale - Malibu Diner sign may still be available!

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When I see that sign… I think of one thing …. “There are the people who were with me from the beginning…. they will be taken care of…. then there were the people who were with me only after the primary…. they will get there cut but they have to stand in line….. then there were the people who were NEVER with me…. and I’m going to CRUSH them into POWDAH!!!! INTO FUKIN POWDAH… YA HEA ME??? Now let’s go see what’s in the trunk of your car!!!


He should donate it to the Hoboken Historical Museum for their Annual Auction, which will be on May 1st this year.

The Museum once auctioned a painting that had housed an FBI bug.


OK, now someone has won this sign. Could you let the rest of us know what in the world you are going to do with it? I can’t think of a possible use for the thing.


no wonder they changed it, at first glance it looks like it reads “Mabibu”


Was the high bidder Cammarano?