Be aware of Sun Glare!


sun glare fall and winter hoboken nj - Be aware of Sun Glare!

Now you know

You ever drive down Washington Street in the fall and winter and wonder why the sun seems to be much more in your eyes? Well – with so many distractions preventing some folks from educating themselves just a little bit these days, I’ve provided this educational and safety tidbit for you this morning.

With all the parking problems, pedestrian accidents and more in Hoboken, one thing rarely considered is the increased sun glare during the fall and winter months. Because the sun is lower to the horizon during this time, it can cause intensely blinding glare, and lead to unnecessary accidents.

So on the next crystal clear sunny day please keep in mind the following tips:

  • Drivers: Just because it’s not snowing or raining, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be aware. Exercise caution at all intersections, whether the glare is affecting you or not. The other driver may have the problem and run a light or stop sign.
  • Pedestrians: Take extra care when crossing streets, pushing baby buggies (or jaywalking, which you do anyway) when the driver has the glare as well. You’re not invincible!

Hopefully most of you have this common sense already, but sometimes I doubt it when I see what transpires at intersections all over Hoboken!

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It’s all about the Oakleys. Don’t forget your sunglasses (especially if you’re driving).


Don’t forget to warn people that wet leaves can be very slippery.