Morning Water Cooler – 11/27/2009


Hope everyone had a satisfying Thanksgiving yesterday – I have to say mine was the best ever!

So what tidbits do I have for you on this slow post-holiday Friday?


Brisk Weather!

For those heading out today to “shop” in the retail brick and mortar arena – be prepared for cooler weather than yesterday – plus some potentially damaging wind gusts. For those that listen to the Hoboken411 Live Police and Fire Action Channel – expect higher than normal false alarms (burglar, fire) due to the increased winds, branches, etc.

The NJ Lottery doesn’t take a vacation

You may be in vacation mode – but the NJ Lottery isn’t. And two interesting drawings tonight are the Jersey Cash 5 (which normally starts out at $50k), which is at an unusually high jackpot of $1,400,000 – and the best odds for any large cash prize. And of course the Mega Millions ($47 Million) which has odds worse than getting hit by lightning three times. Good Luck regardless!

ENJOY YOUR DAY OFF! (For those that are)

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