Morning Water Cooler – 11/25/2009


Ah – some interesting (and satisfying) “nuggets” for you to digest this morning. Everything from the economy, global bull*cough*shit warming and Black Friday!


NY Time(s) Machine

I wasn’t going to publish any more Glenn Beck videos – however, the myriad of emails I received from eager readers essentially forced me to. On Monday, Beck reveled in the fact that what he’s been saying for a long time *finally* gets covered by the so-called “mainstream media.” One reader wrote “I wonder how the naysayers will rebut as more and more of what Beck has been saying pans out?”

Yeah, how do you like your hybrid now?

Hoboken411 published a story A YEAR AGO about the “Global Warming Scam,” and people laughed me off. Citing all sorts of scientific reports, and so on. Well – just like the nugget above, seems like this whole scam is falling apart as well. Remember: It’s all about the money – which is why the societal brainwashing has been going on for the past 20 years. Ask anyone that walks around talking about “eco this” and “eco that” what it all means. They probably can’t tell you. Here’s yet another story blowing holes in the whole sham!

Perhaps the economy is worse than you thought?

The major news “outlets” have been reporting unemployment figures right around 10% – However, CNBC reports that it’s closer to 20%: “According to the government’s broadest measure of unemployment, some 17.5 percent are either without a job entirely or underemployed. The so-called U-6 number is at the highest rate since becoming an official labor statistic in 1994.”

In fact, the Washington Post reports that young African Americans are hit even harder – at close to 35%!

Are you “shopping” on Black Friday?

If you’re the type to brave the supposed massive crowds during the Black Friday Christmas shopping frenzy – be advised that Friday may have a stint of wet & windy weather…

This also serves as a reminder that you can transparently support Hoboken411 by using my official Affiliate Account – which will provide a meager commission just for shopping using this link! Doesn’t cost you a cent – and you can easily help the one that has been sacrificing his own hygiene to keep the Mile Square up to date!

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I can’t take anyone seriousy that invokes Al Gore or Obama.

Global warming is not happening. The earth goes in cycles of warming and cooling. Simple minded liberal pee brains can’t understand simple logic. They base their opinions on feelings and what they think they have to say in order to feel better about themselves.

We should all be glad that their rule only lasted one year.

Obama? Can anyone say failure?!



Global warming may or may not be man made, but it is happening. People will profit off of it, and people will surely die from it as they already have.

Anyhow, I can’t take anyone seriously that invokes Glen Beck, Keith Olberman, or Palin, and their brand or devisive hyperbole. Talk about profiting from the destruction of your country, these people do more damage than K street.

ricky roma
ricky roma

for anyone who just accepts climate “data” as fact, just take a look at what the recently hacked emails show – this is from cbs news – hardly a far right organization. it is long and technical, but i suggest reading it.

megan mccardle summarizes the findings – and she BELIEVES IN MAN-MADE WARMING:

“it is very possible the CRU’s main computer model may be, to put it bluntly, complete rubbish. The emails seem to describe a model which frequently breaks, and being constantly “tweaked” with manual interventions of dubious quality in order to make them fit the historical data. These stories suggest that the model, and the past manual interventions, are so poorly documented that CRU cannot now replicate its own past findings.

That is a big problem. The IPCC report, which is the most widely relied upon in policy circles, uses this model to estimate the costs of global warming. If those costs are unreliable, then any cost-benefit analysis is totally worthless.

Obviously, this also casts their reluctance to conform with FOI requests in a slightly different light.

That’s not reason to abandon efforts to control our carbon emissions–as I say, they’re still very likely to be problematic. But if the model turns out to be as bad as initial reports seem to imply, we should probably hold off on policy recommendations until we have a slightly better handle on the likely outcomes.