14th Street Taxi Stand

12/2/2009 Update:

What open government?

Four emails sent to City Hall – with no official response or acknowledgment. Will keep sending and reminding until a response is received.

11/23/2009 Update:

Hoboken411 reader Brad echoed what dozens of other readers have already sent in to me:

Taxi Stand is Hardly Used!

“Here’s the taxi-less 14th St taxi stand on Friday at 12:30am. I didn’t notice one taxi use it the entire night.”

Do you think this was a good or bad idea by the city?





What’s the deal?

Without issuing an official notice – Hoboken City Hall has now enacted a new 14th Street Taxi Stand (on what seems like late week / weekend nights only).


Hoboken411 has again received many emails about this new program – and can only guess what the deal is. Certain days of the week, parking meters are covered, and other days they’re not. While I don’t have a problem with an organized way to shuffle drunks and disorderlies to their next booze-consuming destination in an efficient and non-problematic manner, it’d be nice to get an official statement from Parking Czar Ian Sacs as to what exactly is transpiring here.

The general tone of the emails from residents is:

  • “Exactly when are these meters enforced?”
  • “Has the city made provisions for the four fewer spots we can park in at night?”
  • “Who is benefiting from this new system? Why do residents have to suffer?”
  • “When were we going to find out about it?”

Awaiting official response from Hoboken City Hall…

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Hey, I’m happy as long as it stops everyone from honking at the queue of cabs lined up in front of the Madison. If the taxi stand was up at the Hudson Tea, the cabs would still curb-crawl right outside that bar.


Wow that might be a new record–the conversation went from a few parking spaces taken up by a taxi stand to a complete condemnation of the Obama administration and a call to arms to leave the state in…6 postings.

What state did this last poster move to with low taxes that gives you everything the NY/NJ area gives you? I mean sure, Indiana has low taxes for instance, but you have to live in…Indiana.


why whould the city give hoboken411 any kind of notice. your mean to the city.


Any update on this from the city? It’s beyond me they would create what would be just the 2nd “official” taxi-stand in the city, remove existing public parking, and not make one mention of it??

For the skyhigh taxes we pay here, I just can’t understand why citizens are constantly kept in the dark. Given the six-figure salaries which seem to be rampant & commonplace now at all levels of Hoboken’s payroll, can we PLEASE get something for our money. Is that so much to ask?

Yes, you are asking too much…you will not get any type of service for your tax dollars…the system is broken…it only exists to create jobs for the public union class…all of your state tax dollars will go to medicare, spending on the poor and teacher/public employees salary and benefits…this will not change…Obama made these jobs permanent when he passed the stimulus package…if your state took money to plug its budget and save municipal jobs, it then can’t turn around and cut those jobs in 2010 when the money isn’t there…it was a condition for receiving the stimulus….this is why some governors did want to take the money, because it severely hampers their ability to cut the budget in the future…the high tax and spend states will be stuck that way for the foreseeable future…my suggestion is to do what we did…move to a low tax, low cost state if you can…anybody who thinks taxes are going to go down in NY or NJ will be very disappointed…the truth is that there is very little Christie can do to cut taxes…he can cut the growth in spending but reducing the existing state budget will not happen…the public and teachers unions will not allow it…the state can’t threaten lay-offs because they took stimulus money…states can’t borrow and deficit spend like the federal gov’t…they are forced to pay…states can only increase tax revenue….the only way they can do that is increase taxes…this health care bill, if passed, will only add to NJ Medicare… Read more »