New Feature – Mapped Crimes

As part of an ongoing (and non-scientific) experiment, Hoboken411 has added a new feature. Crime reports and dynamic mapping.

There is a category on the left called "Recent Crimes". This will contain some noteworthy incidents, such as robberies, break-ins, vehicular vandalisms, and other petty (and non-petty) incidents. We have various sources for such events, including the City of Hoboken (hopefully) and direct personal experiences as reported by the readers. Most of these incidents WILL NOT appear on the front page, but you can access via the left column.

Map is located above

crime map location.png

The main objective here is not to become some after-the-fact blotter that you'd read about weekly in the Hoboken Reporter, but something you can check at any time. It will be updated regularly, often times AS THE EVENTS ARE REPORTED.

The bonus here is that the map will dynamically plot where such incidents happen. You can check your neighborhood to see if something happened while you were away, or to see if there's a trend occuring.

Again, this is experimental, will not encompass each and every crime, and will be far from the perfect application. The fact that this geo-posting is even able to be quickly put together is an achievement on it's own. However, I'm striving for some improvements in the future, such as being able to toggle which crimes are displayed on the map, when, etc.. But that is something that I'll try to tackle sometime later this year.

So please feel free to email if you hear of any crimes, either through personal experience, a friend, or witness accounts. If possible, send approximate street address, type of crime and date and time. The more data we collect, the more informed we become as a community.

Thanks for the support.


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Very nicely done! You’ve put a lot of work into this and it shows.


Totally brilliant…and necessary.


Well done. Any word on getting crime info from the town?


Lookin’ good!