City Council Meeting – 11/16/2009

11/16/2009 Update:

See videos (nearly SEVEN HOURS) plus exclusive Hoboken411 Live Chat after the jump!

99% of council meeting viewers did so here on 411! (nearly 1400 comments tonight alone!)

city council november 16 2009 - City Council Meeting - 11/16/2009


Business as Usual

No, this isn’t a “special” City Council meeting today – it’s been set for tonight since the schedule was made back in July (there are some non-Wednesday meetings each year, due to holidays or events like the League of Municipalities Conference in Atlantic City this week…)

A relatively light Agenda tonight, including a new fire truck, the appointment of an interim 4th Ward Councilperson (has the Ward had any real representation this decade?) and selection of new Council President and Vice-President.




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professor pinetop
professor pinetop

the “one woman” talking about holzbert et al was joan quigley, a true hcdo hack.

professor pinetop
professor pinetop

they should have at least had some kangaroo sessions for the fourth ward residents. the fourth ward has been shamefully used as a political football for the past two years (remember, dawn won the run-off and then stepped down, abdicating her seat and leaving the fourth ward residents without council representation for three months in 2007 rather than go to court over the absentee ballot cross-complaints) and this year dawn was campaigning for mayor, campaigning for runoff mayor, being council president and campaigning for the third mayoral election; too busy to be an involved advocate for her constituents. lenz’s financial background should help the council but knowing his effusive personality he may need to be reminded that cunningham is the council president (good choice by the way). the special election should be in february, not november. november next year is ridiculous – again, the zimmer faction takes advantage of every loophole they can – dawn’s agenda is not transparency or reform, it is merely about consolidating power as fast as possible; unfortunately there are too many dots connecting the zimmer regime to the hcdo. until proven otherwise it should be assumed that tom degise and jerry healey will wield undue influence on our town.


Last night Mason asked tough questions and was treated like dirt by the hospital CEO. That guy seemed so clueless, it was indeed disturbing.

Interestingly enough, nobody from the Zimmer clan seemed to care: the whole meeting was one big BJ for Michael Lenz. Their strategy appears to be something’ll turn up, as if the problem will just go away on its own.

Honestly, after last night’s meeting I would not be surprised if our taxes went up another 50% next year.

BTW, you missed a couple of “players:” Cammarano and Russo were also adamant about saving St. Mary’s at all cost. Even Carol Marsh and Tony Soares supported the hospital (Tony even spoke of it last night). Somebody should remind these people that playing politics with taxpayers money may backfire badly.


The current administration is about to learn the real meaning of the mid 18th century British saying “who is left holding the bag”.

No business can stay open when the vast majority of customers are non-paying customers, the Hospital will default and go bankrupt. There is no money to be found, and Obamacare is still at least 4 months away, but the government option may not make it into the legislation or may not be funded for years.

The good news is rents in Manhattan are still coming down. A nice 2-bedroom rental in a “luxury” condo building in good areas of the city are now $2400 a month. Similar offers elsewhere in Manhattan, some other areas offer two months free rent etc. For many of us the solution to any type of tax increase is to simply move, and not be left holding the bag.

See you on the other side of the river……


I don’t know that the city can really force HUMC into CH-11 until they violate the indenture and the guarantee is triggered. They have the money from the bonds already, not much you can do until they run out of cash. The only way the city can influence the hospital into filing for bankruptcy before then is if the city’s reps on the board of directors push for and vote for a bankruptcy proceeding and if they have a majority. So the question I have is how big is the BOD and how many members does the city get to appoint? I thought we only had 2. Most boards have >5 members so if we only control 2 then not much we can do. That being said, I agree we are totally screwed on this. One way or the other the taxpayers of Hoboken get left holding the bag.