Free Home Buyer Seminar – 11/17


Free Real Estate information (and refreshments)

New to Real Estate? Then head over to Empire Realty at 407 Washington St. on Tuesday, November 17th at 6:30pm – to educate yourself and meet some key players in the industry.

empire realty seminar november 17 hoboken - Free Home Buyer Seminar - 11/17

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Thursday, November 12, 2009 4:23 pm

Here’s the process:

Realtor: Uses as many tricks as they know to convince you that a transaction is necessary. They will dare you to be great, tell you it is a good investment, and that the price is right for this market. Assuming you finally bite, they send a couple faxes.

Atty: Makes lots of copies, runs the title search. Actually does more work per actual closing than the Realtor, but gets paid much less, which goes to show that the real money in this world is in sales.

Home Inspector: Walks around the property and produces a document describing potential issues. If the inspector was referred by the Realtor, there will be very few issues…trust me on that one.

Mortgage Loan Officer: Conspires with the Realtor to get the buyer approved for as much as possible with the lowest near term monthly payments i.e. “You can DO THIS!!!”. If you are using a broker for a mortgage, you are not reading this because you obviously have not yet discovered “the internet”.

That’s about it. Each of the above could be done without, if you don’t mind doing a little legwork that any high school grad should be capable of.

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