Vehicular Vandalism – On the rise?

smashedwindshield.jpgIt seems the trend of vandalism to random cars in Hoboken is on the rise. In the last week, there have been over 10 incidents that we're aware of, most likely more. From side-view mirrors, to windshields, to soft-tops, it's happening at an alarming rate.

What is the reason? Miscellaneous crime? Gang initiation? Heavy-set drunks who can't walk straight? Has anything happened to you and your car recently? Do you know of anyone that has had this occur?

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Not that it compares, but I was parked at 5th and Garden, and about 3 or 4 houses up they were doing construction. I thought nothing of this until I went to move my car and someone had piled stones, cement blocks and bricks under my car/behind my tires. It was laid out just carefully enough that if I didn’t stop to tie my shoe, I wouldn’t have seen it and it would have ripped off my bumper and/or flattened my tires.

Bunch of savages in this town.


I had my rear window smashed on wed night. They didnt even open the door to get anything out. $330 dollars later and a trip to the police station I am not too happy about it. I was parked on 8th and jefferson (right near DC’S). In my opinion pretty safe. I guess you never know.

Oh while I was there they told me someone else had their window smashed on 8th and Clinton (they had a phone and charger stolen).


About a month ago there were about 5-6 cars vandalized along 6th and Garden. One had a side window smashed in and a few others had broken side mirrors.