New batch of kittens to adopt!


Hoboken411 readers Elissa and Chelsi rescued a pair of kittens, brought them back to health – and now offer them up for adoption. Are you interested? Read on for more…


Know a good home for Delilah and Orange?

Orange and Delilah were rescued with two other littermates when they were six weeks old. We have taken them in to clean them up, get them healthy and up-to-date on all shots and vet care, and we have been socializing them and getting them primed to be adopted into wonderful, loving homes. These kitties will make amazing additions to a lucky adopter’s family. And they will be lucky to have a second chance at long and happy lives.

We are adopting them out as a pair! Two kittens can keep each other company when everyone else is gone, so they won’t be lonely and have each other to play with and learn from. Happy kitties are good kitties and healthier kitties! Please contact us if you are interested in finding out more about Orange and Delilah and our adoption process. We ask potential adopters to fill out an adoption questionnaire so we can match them to a good home.

There is no adoption fee, but we welcome any donation at the time of adoption, which will go to Companion Animal Placement (CAP), a nonprofit organization that has provided all the veterinary cost and care for the kittens prior to adoption


Orange is super friendly, outgoing and cuddly. He loves affection and shows it with lots of happy purring! He’s very curious and playful and would love to crawl into your lap for a cuddle any time!


Delilah is the perfect little feline lady. She is cute as a button and loves to explore and play with her brother. When Orange rushes to his food to stuff his face like a typical little boy, Delilah sits back and waits politely before taking her meal. She balances her brother’s clowny nature with her soft, sweet demeanor.

Chelsi: 201-341-8703 -or- Elissa: 970-443-7835

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Aww I wish I could adopt them!! I already have one though and 3 would be too much for my place… Good luck finding them a good home!!!


I like cats. They taste good.