Readerpix: Garden Street hack job


Hoboken411 reader Shallon takes note of a recent occurrence in “Tree City USA….”

Could it have been done differently?

“Here’s a photo of Hoboken’s latest achievement! This was taken on 8th and Garden. So Wrong!

I guess it is better than bringing the whole tree down… but there must be a better way! They closed the streets off to cars for this!”


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i think the best solution is to plant trees wherever there are no wires. in some cases, like along 2nd street between garden and park, there are some new trees planted but they’re located under power lines. they’ll be hacked like the above picture in no time… however, on the other side of the street, there are no wires, and a huge expanse of no trees. what don’t they plan it a little better? think ahead?? (i realize it was probably the developer of the new condo building that planted the trees, but still… a little forethought would best help the look of that block!)


This all goes back to the August 2003 Northeast blackout and the US-Canadian report that followed, which found that trees contributed. The NJ Board of Public Utilities has been in the process of adopting (and re-adopting) these “Vegetation Management” regulations for almost two years and they put the street-level trimming decisions in the hands of these managers. Accepted practices wind up with trees looking just like the one in the above picture-pretty ridiculous. Towns, foresters, environmental groups commented state-wide, with little impact.

For what it is worth- the final rule adopted this month (I believe) will allow for a municipality to opt-out from trimming if it chooses to bear the potential costs of a power outage. Can you imagine that?! I like trees as much as everyone else, but with all the budgetary problems that Hoboken has, if trimming a few branches also “cuts our losses,” I’d rather just wait for more leaves to grow back come springtime.


Hoboken doesn’t have a exclusive on this , trees are trimed like this all over the state. The trimmers are brutal.

kooky kat

After removing several trees on Grand between 4th and 5th over a month ago (for no apparent reason) they started hacking away like this at all the other trees between 4th and 6th on grand(not sure what happened after 6th if they got the treatment too).

I understand they probably have to cut them back some to prevent them hitting the wires, but there didn’t seem to be any interference in some places at all, and in one case (in the back of church towers) there was a tree just cut ENTIRELY down, there aren’t any wires back there at all.

It really disturbes me when they cut down healthy trees for no reason, I don’t have a “save the earth” complex by any means either, normally I wouldn’t care about something like this. But in an area where there’s so little “green” why get rid of what IS STILL ALIVE?!


This would have never happened if Beth Mason was elected! 🙂